The fun of shopping from cheap and thief markets is something else.

By the way, almost all types of brands are available in India. But the fun of shopping from cheap and thief markets is something else. Perhaps many people will not even know that there are many such cities in India where stolen goods are sold.

That is why today we are telling you the names of 5 such big markets of the country where stolen goods are found. The specialty of these markets is that here you will find everything from small to big.

Before leaving, keep in mind that if you are going at your convenience, then park them only on your guarantee.

Chickpet, Bangalore

Well, this market is not as famous as Delhi, Mumbai, or UP. This market is held on Sundays at Chickpete place in Bangalore. There are also second-hand goods, gramophones, stolen gadgets, cameras, electronic items, and cheap gym equipment.

Pudupettai, Chennai

This thief market in Chennai is famous for the original parts of vehicles and the replacement of cars. Because of this work, it is also called International Expertise. From all the spare parts of vehicles to car modification goods and services are available here. This Chor Bazar also does the work of changing the vehicles very comfortably. There have been many police raids in this market, yet it is going on till date.

Chor Bazaar of Delhi

Chor Bazaar of Delhi is the most famous. This market used to be behind Red Fort like the Sunday Market. But now in Daryaganj near Navelty and Jama Masjid. Everything from hardware to kitchen electronics is available here. Chor Bazaar of Delhi is not only a city but also a very well-known thief market of the country. If you go here early morning, you will see that many foreigners also shop from here.

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Chor Bazaar of Mumbai

Chor Bazaar of Mumbai is not of today but very old. This market is also called ‘Shore Bazaar’. This is because the shopkeepers here sell goods by shouting. Everything from second-hand clothes, automobile parts, duplicate branded watches and duplicate branded belts is available in this thief market at very affordable prices. This market is open from 11 am to 7.30 pm.

Soti Ganj, Uttar pradesh

Soti Ganj Market in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh is known for Asia’s largest junk market. This market is famous for selling stolen vehicles. Auto parts of all vehicles are also available in this market for very less money. Cheap vehicles are available here because all theft, old and accident vehicles are available here. This market is open from 9 am to 6 pm.