If your question is can you create an audience on Facebook using your customer list and data, then the answer is ‘Yes’. This is what we refer to as a custom audience. The term ‘Custom audience’ is a very popular word and is very frequently uttered in digital marketing.

What is the Custom audience?

A custom audience is the most powerful ad targeting tool of Facebook. This tool has enormous customer data available that advertisers can use to narrow down their audience and effectively target them.

You can target the audience by their age, gender, personal interests, location, etc. You can also utilize customer data and efficiently target them by their behavior, income, political affiliation, etc.

How does the Custom Audience work?

Facebook’s custom audience is the list of people that are already a part of your audience. They can be your current customer, your past purchaser, loyal customers, or even your loyalty program members. This list contains all the people who have somehow come across your website or showed interest in the products or services that are relevant to your website.

If you have phone numbers, email addresses, or User-ids of those people, you can simply upload them on Facebook and Facebook finds those people for you. Now you can choose Custom Audiences as your target option and reach out to them with your ads.

People on average open Facebook around 15 times a day. This powerful digital marketing tool from Facebook helps to reach out and engage with the audience that is already interested in your service. This makes digital marketing campaigns of businesses far more easy and effective and maximizes the ROI of their campaigns.

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Benefits of using Facebook Custom Audience:  There are several ways Facebook Custom Audience can bring better results from your advertisement campaigns. Here I am listing down some of the benefits of Custom Audience.

  • Higher conversion rates with low cost: Facebook Custom Audience helps businesses generate better and more qualified leads at a comparatively lower cost than other digital marketing campaigns.

You can also retarget the audience who visited your website but did not purchase anything. A survey shows Custom Audience generates 3.4 times higher leads at half advertisement cost.

  • Quality traffic on your site: Facebook Custom Audience does not drive any random people to your website who do not have any interest in your product or service. It drives that audience to your site who are already interested in products and services related to your business. Thus the conversion chances are higher.
  • Increase application installation: If you have a mobile application to run your online business, then you can increase downloads of your app with Facebook Custom Audience. You can run Facebook mobile application Ad campaigns to increase the installation of your application and reach out to maximum potential customers.

How to create Facebook Custom Audience

Here are some quick tips that will help you create an effective Facebook Custom Audience.

Go to Facebook ads manager and click on the Audiences tab. You will get a list where the first three options are the regular Custom Audiences. The names of these are Mailchimp Custom Audience, Data File Custom Audience, and Custom Audience from mobile applications.

  • To create Mailchimp Custom Audience, you need to link it to your Mailchimp account and collect the data from your mailing list.
  • For the mobile custom audience, you can simply put your mobile app id and start creating custom audiences.
  • For the data file custom audience, you need to get the data like email ids, phone numbers, or user ids from your customer and then upload data to Facebook. You need to make sure you have only one type of data per file and one record per row before uploading it to Facebook.

You can expect around 30 to 70% of people from your list to match up with users on Facebook. This means that if you have uploaded the list and data of 10,000 people, you can not reach every single one of them with your ads. You can reach 3000 to 7000 people depending upon the quality and accuracy of the list.

Before uploading the list, you have thoroughly gone through Facebook Custom Audience terms and conditions. Ensure that you have collected all the data of your customers legally and with their consent. Otherwise, you will be penalized for scraping data.


Facebook Custom Audience helps effectively run your digital marketing campaign and reach out to your potential customers more easily than ever. You can also check out here for Social Marketing Services. Hope this article helped you understand how you can legally use your customer data to create an audience.