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B+ Blood Group Facts

Blood is very important for the body. This determines our physical structure and blood group also affects the structure of the body.  In medical language we hear about many different blood groups, but do you know that among the many blood groups, people with B positive blood group have the sharpest brain. The…

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Using Chia Seeds In Summer Like This, You Will Get Rid Of 5 Problems

Chia seeds will be no less than a superfood in summer. Learn how to use them from Sweta Mehra Nutritionist. Summer has started and now in a few days, the weather is coming where you will not be able to sit inside a room without a cooler or AC. This will definitely be…

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Why is there a hole in the bottom of the cylinder? Learn some unique facts about gas cylinders

What do you know about these important things about the gas cylinder in your kitchen? Know some interesting facts related to it. There are many such things in our homes that we have been using for years, but if basic questions are asked about them, then we will not know about them. Now…

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