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Top 5 Immigration Checks For Worker Visa UK

If you are applying for a work visa (UK) then it is important to have a sponsorship first. The employer you are going to work with must be a sponsor licence holder and assign you a certificate of sponsorship (CoS). But this alone does not guarantee that you will clear immigration checks or…

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What Is The UK Skilled Worker Salary Requirement For A USA Applicant?

Getting a job in the UK can open great opportunities to settlement and citizenship. Many aspire to gain a work visa (UK) and eventually settle in the UK. If you are an applicant wishing to settle your career in the UK on a work visa then the UK skilled worker visa is a…

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How Sponsor Licence Holders Can Hire Skilled Workers From USA

The UK laws and regulations are constantly changing. You can expect a new amendment every week and with that you can gain tremendous opportunities to work in the UK and directly gain settlement and eventually British citizenship. If you are a skilled professional in the USA, looking for career opportunities and giving yourself…

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20 Years Long Residence and Private Life in the UK

An applicant can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) if he/she has continuously stayed in the UK for a period of 20 years, under the 20-year Private life and long residence rule. An applicant need not be living lawfully, it just needs to be a 20-year continuous residence. Requirements under the 20…

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