As these ceramic band heaters are manufactured using the ceramic wire-threading method rather than the usual black Mica wire-bending method, the output power of these ceramic band heaters is 0.6, or 1.6 times greater than the general. To create the Ceramic Band Heater round Silk Pottery is twisted into an elastic yellow shape evenly threaded through interlocking insulated ceramic tiles and penetrated the ceramic ring. The Shell is built from stainless steel plate. A stainless steel sheet with serrated edges protects the ceramic tile mat. To prevent temperature leakage, high-temperature insulation cotton is used in the middle. The ceramic bar is made of high-frequency porcelain, which has a rapid heat conduction rate, is hard and difficult to break, and resists deformation at high temperatures.

What’s the advantage of a ceramic heater?

Ceramic band heaters with easy installation, quick heat transfer, and an amazing insulation layer. Manufacturing is not constrained to model requirements or size specifications of the restricted benefits.

  • With wrapping, such as heating vessels or pipes, may be twisted into a ring-shaped layer in the surface heating, like heating large and medium-sized steel parts, some can be wrapped, whereas large-scale steel parts can use the paving cover.
  • Built-in insulation reduces unwanted temperature changes along the barrel.
  • Unlike other band heaters, heat is transferred through radiation, conduction, and convection, so a perfect fit is not required.
  • Its inconsistent surfaces or a sloppy fit do not affect heat transfer.
  • They can be used in larger amounts because they operate at higher watt densities.
  • By simplifying the wiring, the number of bands used can be reduced.
  • The heater is safer than other band heaters because of the cooler external surface.
  • The adaptable design makes installation and removal simple.
  • Low application cost, even though the internal hot raw material is ruined, the external ceramic components can still be recycled.

These heaters convey heat through conduction as well as radiation. The element winding is intended to heat both the ceramic blocks to the point where they radiate energy into the barrel andconduct energy by being in contact with the barrel.Fit is not as important as in other kinds of bands.

Tips for extendingitslifespan

  • Preventing Contamination
  • Ceramic band heaters areprone to contamination.Contamination is a risk with ceramic band heaters. If oil or other organics get inside the metal sheath, they can cause heater failure. Most oils and organics do not conduct electricity well at low temperatures, so at high temperatures, they carbonize and become conductors. As a result, if such pollutants are present, the failure happens only after the heater has heated up enough to cause carbonization.
  • One of the most obvious pollutants is moisture.If there is enough moisture present at the start up, the heater will fail as soon as power is applied.When the heater has been cool for an extended period and has been exposed to a high humidity environment, there may be enough moisture absorbed to cause failure at start up.
  • PreventTemperature overshooting
  • Choose the heater with the lowest wattage that can retain the desired operating temperature of the heated surface while also providing a quick start-up time.Choosing a heater with a higher wattage than mandatorycould result in the controller turning the heater on and off to retain the desired temperature and a higher operating temperature when on. The heater’s life would be shortened as a result of these conditions.
  • Physical Abuse
  • Never conveythisfurnace by the lead wires. If your heater has post terminals use two wrenches, one to secure the bottom nut and the other to tighten on the top nut.
  • Excessive Cycling
  • Cycling shortens the life of the element wire since the surface oxidizes quickly at higher temperatures.If the higher temperature is retained, the oxide coating protects the wire from further fast oxidation, however, if the wire temperature is significantly lowered, the oxide coating breaks off due to contraction, exposing the fresh metal to further oxidation.


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