Is your mattress toxic? Well generally people never thought of this side, but sleeping mattress can be toxic if made of chemical-based materials. Obviously, this is one of the surprising facts that mattress claiming to be organic might not be 100% organic and natural.

Most of the mattress manufacturers use toxic materials, so now the question arises, does it impact our health. Why mattress brands are using strong and harmful chemicals despite knowing their health risks, let us summarize them deeply below.

The Toxic Materials In Mattresses:

  1. Foam: It is made from petroleum using a witches brew of few toxic chemicals, thus are highly flammable. Using foam in the mattress is a cheapest so widely used. The harmful chemicals in foam breakdown with time and flow into the air around your breath. These chemicals like Propylene oxide, TDI, Toluene (neurotoxin) VOCs off-gassed substances can lead to mammary tumours, irritation in eyes, nose, throat. It can even cause headache, loss of coordination, nausea, liver damage, cancer, kidney [roblems and central nervous system issues.
  2. Synthetic Latex: It is made up of two petroleum-based chemicals such as styrene and butadiene, an enuring maximum of harm to health. Moreover, other chemicals are also used during the processing and manufacturing of synthetic latex. These materials, when using in the mattress, can affect the central nervous system (CNS), headache, fatigue, weakness, depression, hearing loss, peripheral neuropathy. The risk of leukaemia and lymphoma is also high.
  3. Chemical Flame Retardants: Chemical compounds such as antimony, boric acid, and halogenated flame retardants can cause severe health issue. Such materials used in mattress processing and manufacturing can lead to delay puberty, failure of reproductive development, neurobehavioral changes, disturbed thyroid hormones, cancer cause, and more. These chemicals are worth but still commonly used by mattress manufacturers, however, are expensive as well.
  4. Vinyl: It is harmful to chemicals and additives that are linked to many health problems. Vinyl is made up of Phthalates and heavy metals such as Antimony etc. Thus leading to health issues like asthma, allergies, genital defects, alter child behaviour, cancer, congenital disabilities, and even can harm the development of the brain. It is cheap, water-resistant and bacteria-resistant so is widely used in mattress, especially in baby mattress.

How Can You Avoid These Toxic Chemicals Mattress?

Most of the mattress companies hide on the facts on using toxic chemicals and products in processing and manufacturing of the mattress. Brands can easily fool the customers, so be conscious while purchasing the right mattress by an authentic and genuine mattress brand like Sleepwell Mattress. Talk to your mattress supplier and dealer openly about the mattress manufacturing and types to know more into this. To have a clear and honest idea, it’s important to make a purchase thoughtfully as it is the question for your and your family health.


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