Conveyor belts have done a lot for the manufacturing and distribution industries. Industrial-grade conveyors help reduce workload, boost efficiency, and transport heavy objects. With the advancement in technology, many industries have been incorporating modern technologies into their infrastructure to boost productivity. 

Chevron Conveyor Belt is one of the productivity tools used on a wide range of mobile machinery and equipment. These belts increase conveyor productivity by reducing material rollback when running on steep inclines. Most of the Chevron Conveyor Belt Manufacturers in India design these belts specifically to withstand the constant bending that occurs during operation. They conserve space, enhance carrying capacity, reduce structural and power consumption costs, reduce spillage and material loss, and feature a flexible belt design that can wrap around tiny pulleys.

Chevron Conveyor Belt – What is it?

The maximum conveying angle of inclination for a smooth surface conveyor belt is around 20°, depending on the material. Using chevron cleated belts provides for greater degrees of inclination of up to 40°, allowing for more lift in less area.

Chevron conveyor belts contain rubber cleats that are vulcanized into the belt’s top surface. These profiles are composed of extremely abrasion-resistant rubber and are available in gentler compounds (45 to 50 Shore hardness) as well as 60 Shore materials. The profiles are designed in such a way that no special idlers are required, and they may be operated on standard conveyors. A smooth ride across return idlers is ensured by the pitch between two cleats.

Chevron Conveyor Belts are usually utilized when the inclination angle is too severe for a smooth standard conveyor belt. These belts include integrally molded cleats to keep the material from slipping rearward. These belts, which are designed for good and smooth return side support, are commonly used to transport heavy material from bulk solids to unit loads.

Features of Chevron Conveyor Belt

  • These belts satisfy the requirements of high-capacity transporting at steep angles.
  • Designed to prevent load slippage or product rollback when conveying.
  • Cleats are integrally molded with top cover rubber to avoid separation from the belt.
  • Depending on the application, multiple cleat heights and widths are available.
  • Available in a variety of finish design options.
  • Cleats also contribute to excellent abrasion resistance, as elastic rubber compounds for desirable flexibility.
  • Following precise design criteria that allow a smooth run of the belt on conventional return idlers, requiring no conveyor modification
  • Belting support is given, enabling a smooth transition from flat belt to Chevron Conveyor Belts.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Chevron Conveyor Belts

Look For a Quality Belt

Make sure to do your own research and select a company that you can rely on and that has a strong reputation in the market. There are several Chevron Conveyor Belt Suppliers in India who are committed to offering high-quality products at a reasonable price. They provide dependable supplies that will keep your system functioning well for many years to come.

Size and Design

There are many factors to consider when choosing an ideal conveyor belt for your system, but the length and breadth of the belt are two of the most significant. Taking attention to the correct measurements for your belt is critical to making the greatest belt choices. Dimension collecting allows your belting representative to rule out various belt constructions.

Environmental Conditions

Before purchasing a belt, examine the surrounding environment. It is critical to understand the sort of environment in which your conveyor will be installed. Some belts constructed of particular materials may not be able to endure excessive hot or cold conditions. It is also necessary to consider the substance being carried. For example, if oil cans are transported and oil spills onto the container, the operation may be hampered.

Material Type

The type of material handled in your operations is perhaps the most significant factor to consider when selecting a conveyor system. To select the most effective conveyor system, you will need to know things like the temperature, moisture content, and abrasiveness of your material. This way, you can be certain that it will run smoothly and provide a long-term solution for your company.

Cost of the Belt

Cost is obviously one of the most essential and initial considerations when making a company investment. Because the money you spend will help your company expand, you must make the appropriate decision. Going too cheap may come back to bite you when the equipment fails and you don’t have a service crew to rely on. If you choose the most expensive choice, you may feel taken advantage of and not get your money’s worth.

Operation Type

The sort of conveyor system you select is heavily influenced by the type of operation you are doing. When it comes to material handling activities, there are two basic groups. One of these is known as conveying. This simply implies transferring stuff from a pick-up location to a specified drop-off position. Feeding is another material handling procedure. This is a more time-sensitive procedure in which the material is supplied into the machine in batches or continuously. There are various sorts of equipment that will function more successfully with whichever type you are dealing with.

Maintenance Requirements

When your equipment fails, it has a detrimental impact on your business. Having said that, it is critical to get equipment back up and running as soon as possible if a problem happens. Conveyor systems, like other pieces of equipment, include many mechanical elements that require regular maintenance to function effectively. It is critical to have trustworthy conveyor equipment in your business. It is also a good idea to have a trustworthy crew do routine maintenance.

Key Takeaways

Continental Belting Pvt Ltd has established itself as one of India’s leading Conveyor Belt Manufacturers. We can supply a wide range of belts for usage in a variety of scenarios thanks to our competent team of professionals. These belts are cost-effective while being manufactured using cutting-edge manufacturing equipment and the best quality raw materials, all of which rigorously adhere to industry standards.