The Wall Cladding is external protection for the actual internal and external walls of the house by layering one material over another. The addition of cladding to the walls not only adds to the exceptional aesthetics of the building but also improves thermal insulation and weather resistance.

We are well-known Wall cladding manufacturers in India. Also known as the skin of a structure, it forms a barrier to protect from extreme conditions and gives the house much-needed protection. It transforms the ordinary wall into a vivid and lively masterpiece.

The right type of cladding material solution gives you several benefits such as thermal insulation, structural deterioration protection, and enhanced interior acoustics and daylighting.

Advantages of Wall Cladding

  • Enhance Aesthetics: It gives an aesthetic appeal to the structure. Enhances the look & appearance of the building which, in exchange, contributes to the market value of the property.
  • Safety and Protection: This adds to the mechanical strength of the building. It also adds an extra layer of protection to the structure from rain, sunlight, cracks due to climate change.
  • Insulation: The extra layer installed on the walls insulates the walls from heat, water, and sound.
  • Low Maintenance: The most beneficial advantage of wall cladding is that it does not always require upkeep relative to painted walls. They require a simple wash to bring back their freshness.

Popular Wall Cladding Materials

There are a wide variety of cladding materials to choose from. Depending on the weather and budget, to your preference, you can select the most suitable material for you.

Stone Cladding: This type of wall cladding material is extremely durable and creates a natural stone look. But they’re a little on the pricey side as they require tedious labor work. Stone acts as an excellent insulator, is resistant to fire, withstands abrasions and scratches. But, it is difficult to fix when damaged and is also prone to bacterial or fungal growth.

Wood cladding: It has extreme impact-resistance, high aesthetic appeal, low thermal conductivity, and high insulation properties. As a result, the energy usage needed for temperature management in the building is minimized, rendering it an economical option. But, the Wood also suffers from poor dimensional stability, because of which it expands and contracts with shifting seasons.

Brick cladding: It is the most common type of wall cladding material. It safeguards the structure against fire elements. They are thermally efficient, durable, and can be recycled and reused. This is an expensive investment, but it lasts for years.

HPL Cladding:  It provides resistance to humidity, excellent weather protection, and microbial threats making it a superior-grade exterior cladding. They are affordable and require minimal upkeep to maintain their functional and aesthetic properties.

We, Stone India, one of India’s reputable Wall cladding suppliers, brings you an extensive range of exterior and interior wall cladding solutions. If you wish to discuss your requirements or learn more about our wall-cladding solutions, contact us.