Many celebrities all over the world use performance-enhancing drugs as one of the key sources for bulging biceps and for on-screen six-packs. As celebrities would have pressure to shape up their bodies, most of the leading actors in the movies, opt for steroids as a shortcut to tone their bodies. Many stars who act in movies and advertisements, athletes, and bodybuilders underwent an amazing transformation in just only 5 months by the usage of these steroids.

This laid a path for many common people to think about steroids as they came to the conclusion that, steroids can give incredible and massive growth of muscles. For the best example, the steroid transformation of Christian Bale made waves in magazines as he underwent a tremendous change between the time of The Machinist and the time when he started acting for the role in Batman Begins.

Christian Bale appeared very thin and attenuated in his first film. Just after five months, suddenly he transformed into a bodybuilder look in his second film. He nearly gained more than 25 to 30 kilograms in the form of muscles and this great transformation raised a million dollars question that he must have used steroids for this result. Though many stars and sportsmen don’t agree that they have taken steroids, it is an open secret and an open fact that only the use of steroids can give quick muscular, lean mass with an outstanding picturesque body.

As actors must act in different types of role, their body has to be toned according to every type of character they act. Sometimes they need transformation within a short period which would force them to take steroids that give rapid results. The steroid transformation of Christian Bale reflects the above-discussed situation in a perfect way as he transformed his body just in five months for a role in Batman Begins.