Buying a house or investing in a property can be quite a taxing affair and finding the right property may prove to be time-consuming and troublesome. But, finding the right house or property will feel like finding a spring in the dry desert.

Those looking for their dream house or plot will understand the pain of house hunting, price bargaining and finding sealing the deal with the brokers and the property owners. Once you have found your dream house, you need to keep in mind these common issues that might erupt when you have decided on buying the house ultimately. After purchasing the property, the problems and faults too become your responsibility.

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Before you sign the dotted line, make sure that

  • The papers and documents are in order

In most cases, the buyer gets hassled into the paperwork and all. It is better to study the documents and papers pertaining the house you are planning on buying. Also make sure that the property titles are clear and have no legal hassle attached to it, as this will not only make it difficult for you to apply for loans, and make the purchase, but it will create further problems when you plan on selling the property in future. Read the documents word to word to avoid any issues at a later date.

  • The property is properly constructed and is approved by the city council

A house or a building may look beautiful and appealing from the outside but may not have the strong foundation that will make it last for years without any damage. Before finalizing on a property, it is imperative to look into its construction details, check for water connections, drainage and sanitation provisions, proper and safe location, check the builder’s credibility and past constructions and check if the builder has obtained all the necessary permissions required for the building.

  • The property is located in a safe area

Although one cannot predict natural disasters since they come unannounced and without much warning, it is imperative to know if the construction site is safe and a ‘No agricultural’ land and has provisions to deal with the natural disasters. It is important to check where the property is placed if it is too close to the sea or is in a low-lying region or is close to a production unit and such other vital details.

  • The builder has used proper materials

One of the major issues one faces while buying a house is the uncertainty regarding the materials used for the construction of the house. It is difficult to know if the builder has used the right and quality materials for the house as the cheap quality material may prove to be fatal for the house, in terms of the life of the property and internal damage occurring in the form of termites, dislocation of bricks, drywalls and such. It is always better to get the house surveyed by a professional before purchasing the house to look out for any errors and defects in the construction and it is equally important to go with experienced and reputed builders.

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