Based on the best advice of medical experts, officials and experts. Special information

If you have any symptoms like cold, cough, cold, fever, shortness of breath, joint pain, excessive tiredness, muscle stiffness, etc. Start following the following words.

1- Isolate yourself.

2- Try to take at least 4 liters of liquids such as soup, juice, brew, tea, coffee, lukewarm water, hot milk, etc.

3- Get complete rest and have a good sleep.

4- Keep yourself busy through film, short film, book, song, story, poem, cricket, etc. Talk to friends

5- Take a bath with lukewarm water only.

6 – Take a breath of steam in the morning and hum the saltwater and melt it.

7- Avoid cold items.

8- Keep measuring oxygen with the pulse oximeter. When you reach saturation below 94-92, call the helpline immediately.

9- If you cannot find an oximeter, check your breath by stopping your breath for 14-18 seconds.

10- Stay away from negative things and events.

Contact the medical store and start the following medicines.

1- Paracetamol 650mg morning and afternoon

2- Azithromycin 500mg once a day

3- Doxy 100 mg morning evening

4- ivermectin 12 mg once daily for three days and then once a week

5- Vitamin C (Limcee / Vitcee) 500 mg is sucked in the morning and evening.

6- Vitamin D3 60K once a week

7- Montemac-L or Montair LC one morning one evening

8- Evion lc one morning one evening

Do this and get RTPCR done. By the time the report comes in 3-4 days, maybe three-fourths of your illness will be finished …

(This information after the conclusion from the positive to negative people)

Wish all the countrymen efficient

Thank you