When t comes to hair everyone has their own preferences. That means you will have the products you love the most and your own routine. Doing this and sticking to this helps you to achieve beautiful-looking hair. This has been shown to boost confidence levels, allowing you to achieve anything.

However, there are hundreds of different hair products on the market, it can be confusing to know which is best for you and your hair. Of course, it helps if you select products from a well-known and reputable brand, such as Redken. This at least assures you that you’re getting high-quality products that will help your hair look great.

Despite the abundance of information available, some products are still misunderstood, hair oil and serum are perfect examples of this misunderstanding.

What They Are

Hair oil is best described as a hair care product. It contains a multitude of minerals and other nutrients that help to maintain hair health and lock moisture in. In short, a good hair oil will improve the hydration of your hair, reduce the likelihood of breakages and split ends, and give it a natural shine that will help your hair to stand out for the right reasons.

The serum is considered a styling product. It is applied to the hair before you style it and helps to both prepare and protect hair from the damage that can be caused by heat styling products.

In most cases, serums will also contain minerals and nutrients to help your hair stay healthy.

Using These Hair Products

Hair oil is designed to be massaged into your hair, it is best massaged into the mid-section of your hair down to the tip. This allows the oil to penetrate your cuticle. In doing so it will give your hair valuable nutrients and a coating that protects it from losing the moisture that it needs.

Hair oil is designed to be easy to apply and can be added to your hair at any time. It can be done pre or post styling and, as well as adding to the shine of your hair, the oil will usually have additives that offer extra protection. This includes UV filters and can protect your hair from sun damage.

It should be noted that although it can be applied at any time, it works best when your hair is damp.

In contrast, serum actually adds a coat to your hair, effectively acting as a heat shield, allowing you to use your heat styling tools and get the best possible results.  This product is used before you style your hair to ensure you get the best possible results. However, it can also be applied afterwards to boost the shine and reduce frizz.

When applying serum after styling you’ll want to avoid rubbing your hair, simply spray a little on your hair and leave it. In this instance, less is always more.

Find the products that suit your hair type and style and you’ll notice the improvement straight away.