Shopping is essential for the festival of Raksha Bandhan. If you have a low budget, don’t worry. You can explore Kamla Nagar market of New Delhi.

The time of festival is very pleasant. Most people shop for festivals ranging from household items to clothes. The festival of Raksha Bandhan is very special. Sisters start preparing for this day a month in advance. Sisters like to do a lot of shopping for this day.

Do you also wish that you can buy more things in less budget? In such a situation, you should explore the Kamla Nagar market of Delhi. Over a period of time this market has become very popular among the people of Delhi. Let us know what is special in this market.

Buy traditional wear Kamla Nagar market

If you want to carry traditional wear on Raksha Bandhan, then explore Kamla Nagar market. In this market you will find simple to heavy designer suits. The cost of the kurti is also not much. You will get the kurti set for Rs.500. Believe me, this market is very good for doing more shopping in a low budget.

Buy western clothes Kamla Nagar market

It is not necessary that everyone should wear traditional on the day of Raksha Bandhan. In such a situation, if you are thinking of carrying western wear, then go to Kamla Nagar market. Here you will find the latest clothing collections. From jeans to dresses, everything will be found in them.

If you want to buy a dress, then you will get a designer dress for around Rs.300. Here you will also get tops for Rs.100.

Buy jewelry Kamla Nagar market

It is also important to have jewelry with a beautiful outfit. Jewelry serves to enhance the look of the outfit. Kamla Nagar market is also very good for buying jewelry. You will find all types of jewelry in this market. These include oxidized to gold.

Think, where do you get earrings for 30 rupees? Believe me, from this market you can buy jewelry from head to toe at an affordable price.

Footwear is available at cheap price

You must have also heard that if a person has to be identified, he should see his shoes. That’s why most people prefer to buy the best footwear. It is also important to have good footwear with the outfit.

Often people do not pay special attention to footwear. In this case the look gets spoiled. Footwear is essential for a perfect look. Visit Kamla Nagar market to buy sandals. Heels will also be available in this market for only Rs.200.

When is Kamla Nagar market closed?

Every market has its own timings and days when the market remains closed. Kamla Nagar market is not held on Mondays. So plan for shopping on other days of the week.

How To Reach Kamla Nagar Market?

Take the Metro to reach Kamla Nagar Market. The nearest metro station to this market is Vishwavidyalaya. Apart from this, you can also reach the market by getting down from Pul Bangash Metro.

Note: Personal vehicle should not be used for going to market. Parking is not available everywhere. In this case you may face problems. Instead, travel by public transport.