People try many methods to lose weight. Some control their diet, while some go to the gym and sweat. Of course, taking the right diet and exercising is not wrong as a way to lose weight, but including some special things in your daily routine can also be beneficial. You may not believe it, but drinking black tea regularly in limited quantities can also reduce weight. This is due to the special properties present in black tea.

What Is Black Tea?

Compared to green tea and oolong tea, oxidation is done more in black tea. Let us tell you that oxidation is a chemical reaction. This happens when the tea leaves come in contact with the air. This results in a change in the color of the tea leaves. Due to excessive oxidation, the color of this tea is black.

How Can Drinking Black Tea Reduce Weight?

It has been found in many studies that the consumption of black tea can be useful in weight control. In a study conducted on 111 people, it was revealed that drinking 3 cups of black tea every day for 3 months can help in reducing weight. Due to this, there can be a decrease in the measurement of the waist.

At the same time, some research has said that black tea contains flavones, which are rich in antioxidant properties. This can prove helpful in reducing weight. Black tea has a higher concentration of flavones than tea with less flavones. Due to this property, black tea can help in reducing the body mass index.

Apart from this, according to another research, polyphenols present in black tea have been found to be helpful in preventing the absorption of fat in the intestines. At the moment, more research is needed on this topic, but people who cannot live without tea and want to maintain a balanced weight can make black tea a part of their diet.

Precautions Related To Black Tea

You know that black tea can be helpful in reducing weight. It is also necessary to keep some precautions in mind while consuming it –

  • Always consume black tea in limited quantities.
  • Drinking one or two cups of black tea throughout the day is sufficient. Drinking too much black tea can cause problems like insomnia or acidity.
  • If someone has any health problem or is taking any kind of medicine, then in this situation, consult a doctor once before drinking black tea.
  • Do not drink black tea before sleeping at night.


Black tea has been considered beneficial in terms of health. Drinking black tea in moderation can help in reducing weight. If someone is thinking of losing weight, then he can drink 1 or 2 fewer teas daily. On the other hand, drinking more than this can cause problems like acidity and insomnia. If someone has a health problem, then he should include black tea in his diet only after asking the doctor.