It is very important to keep the phone charged at all times. But many times we make many mistakes related to the battery of the smartphone, due to which we have to bear the huge loss. Due to these mistakes, the battery of the phone may explode or even overheat. So let’s know about these mistakes and keep yourself safe.

– Never use a duplicate charger or adapter. This can damage the charging point and battery life of the phone. Always use the original charger.

Do not charge the mobile phone with a car charger. It would be better if you use the power bank to charge the phone.

If your mobile starts getting hot, then stop using it immediately. This will give the smartphone time to come to the normal temperature.

Never buy duplicate replacement batteries whenever your phone is repaired. Always use original batteries first and buy only them.

Do not leave the phone on charging all night. This may also cause the phone to overheat and increase the risk of explosion.

Never charge the smartphone by placing it in direct sunlight. This causes the phone to overheat, which increases the chances of an explosion.

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