Good oral health is a pathway to fresh breath, strong teeth, and healthy gums. You should, however, note that cleaning your teeth twice a day and flossing at least once are not the only things that ensure good oral health. The kind of food you consume also matters a lot. That is why dental practitioners will always ask you to eat certain foods and avoid others like sugary cakes, fizzy drinks, and snacks that are non-nutritious. Below are food types that are incredible when it comes to enhancing your oral health.

Foods rich in calcium:

Calcium is an essential mineral when it comes to your oral health. It is remarkable in the formation of a strong jaw, which provides a surface area for teeth attachment. In most cases, calcium requires vitamin D to amplify its bone-strengthening capabilities. You should also note that more than 99% of calcium reserves exist in bones and teeth. That means in case of calcium deficiency, the areas become the first to ail. It is also the reason you will start suffering from periodontal disease and cavities. To prevent calcium deficiency, you should consume dairy foods, soya beans, soya drinks, and tofu. With these foods in your diet, you are going to have a constant supply of calcium, so you won’t have to worry about the above-mentioned dental problems.

Green tea:

Green tea is becoming very popular in the world of dentistry. Most people only know that the beverage is beneficial to the body and not their teeth. The good news is that the drink can help you maintain a healthy mouth. According to green tea research, individuals who drink at least two cups of the beverage daily have a low risk of losing their teeth. It is also a perfect antioxidant that can cleanse the line on your gums. Green tea also decreases the chances of your teeth developing plaque. If you leave plaque unattended to, it will form a tooth cavity, and the next thing you know, you will be searching for painless dentistry near me. That is in a bid to find a dental practitioner who is going to remove the decayed teeth before the condition spreads.

Vegetables and leafy greens:

Vegetables and leafy greens are those types of foods that are excellent for oral health. That is because they have plenty of useful vitamins and minerals. They also contain folic acid, which is perfect for reducing the prevalence of plaque on your teeth. Some like carrots trigger the increase of saliva production in the mouth. You thus find your teeth less susceptible to plaque since the saliva washes away any food remnants that may cause plaque. It also provides an environment that is not conducive to the growth of bacteria. Some of the leafy greens and vegetables that you should consider include cucumber, broccoli, spinach, curly kale, and cabbage, among others.


Garlic remains to be an essential part of foods that can enhance your dental health. That is because it is a great pain reliever for anyone agonizing due to toothache. To enjoy its benefits, chew garlic near the aching tooth and allow the gums to absorb the juice. Within a short time, the pain is going to subside, leaving you feeling fantastic. It is also an incredible type of food that can prevent periodontal disease. That is because garlic has antimicrobial characteristics that hinder the occurrence of bacteria on your teeth. You should thus cultivate a habit of including it in your meals. You can also chew peeled garlic cloves at least once in a while.

Sesame seeds:

Very few foods contain the amount of calcium sesame seeds. That makes them better for the development of the bone around your gums and teeth. The seeds are also helpful when it comes to strengthening your enamel, thus reducing the commonness of cavities on your teeth. Lastly, sesame seeds often do away with plaque. That is why they should be part of your diet at least twice or thrice a week. Sesame seeds are the types of foods that you can benefit from significantly if at you are after good oral health.


There are various fruits that you should concentrate on if you want to achieve dental health. Such fruits include Kiwi, apples, strawberries, pears, and pineapples. Kiwis are useful fruits since they contain vitamin C that strengthens the gum tissue and prevents bacterial attacks. Strawberries, on the other hand, contain vitamin C, which is famous for strengthening teeth and the jawbone. It also has malic acid that acts as a natural teeth whitener.

Apples do the same work as mouthwash. They eradicate bad breath from your mouth and give you an incredible scented breath. They do so by eliminating the bacteria that cause bad breath. The fibrous nature of apples also enables them to clean your teeth and remove any food remnants between them.

Pineapples are great teeth whiteners as well, thanks to the enzyme they contain. The enzyme is capable of doing away with the yellow or grey hue on your teeth. Pears are fibrous and thus incredible teeth cleaners. That means enjoying either of the two fruits can enhance the cleanliness of your mouth.

These foods are not only right for your teeth but also helpful. Each of them contains nutrients, elements, enzymes, or fibrous substances that can help clean and keep your teeth safe. Some also facilitate the health of your gums and prevent them from infection, which can be disastrous. You should also include foods like raisins, sweet potatoes, and red wine to your menu if at all you want to benefit significantly.