Today I have brought for you a very exciting egg diet for weight loss in just three days.

I tried this egg diet for three days with shocking results and I’d love to share all the recipes with you because these are very exciting new recipes which absolutely you will adore and would love to try egg is not boring anymore trust me this special diet plan is very interesting it’s all of 900 calories.

which you consume throughout the day with a full day of eating what more do you want yes as you know everything I bring for you whether beard exercises or recipes is all easy and tried and tested yes you have the proof right here in front of you all the weight loss everything that I’ve managed to do is through the diets.

Which I’m offering you all plus I’d also like to mention here though this diet plan is only nine hundred calories but if you have an active lifestyle then don’t be shy and take it up to 1200 calories all you have to do is increase the portion size a bit good morning before we start our day it’s time for the morning drink so what do I like to have for a morning drink all very simple.

Just a tall glass of hot water with about one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with it and it’s super delicious and super effective why because apple cider vinegar helps to make your body alkaline which further helps in digestion so don’t forget to have this morning drink and let’s now go for a walk and don’t do any strenuous exercise because with this diet plan all of 20 minutes yes you heard that right only 20 minutes is just perfect so you will be super active and no more laziness.

Today now let’s move on for breakfast two hours later well now it’s time for breakfast and look what I have cooked for you it’s a fabulous again capsicum I know for all those people who don’t like capsicum you have to eat it you have no idea look at this how delicious it looks and the capsicum is so healthy for you so what I suggested that your whole day should be as colorful as it can be not just mentally but also depending on what you eat because if you have a colorful day your heart is going to be very healthy yes all colorful food and vegetables are very very healthy for your heart health and for your overall body weight you will end up losing your belly fat fast and also your full body weight.

What more do you want now it’s time for me to dig in and while I dig I am going to show you the recipe of sorry okay now this is a little tricky so as you can see I’m biting into this and alongside I’m also cooking it for you so it’s a fabulous recipe all you have to do is take a nonstick pan just like this add a little bit of oil 1/2 a teaspoon of 1 teaspoon will suffice and you put these whole capsicums all you do is chop off the head and the base slightly so it sits straight on the pan and all you have to do is break an egg each into each capsicum mmm Mugen or the crunch it’s so tasty aren’t you so excited to see what else I’ve added into it later.

I know it’s bad manners to talk with your mouth full but I can’t resist I have to share the recipe with you so alongside right now egg all I have done is I’ve added some onions tomatoes green chilies and Vanya for all my DC egg lovers over there who love this recipe that this is Thai so it’s very simple and you put the lid on and cook it for some time that’s it so did you know that two whole eggs it’s about 150 and like I mentioned this entire recipe is 250 calories so 150 calories gone on ready and 100 calories are just for the capsicum little bit of veggies salt pepper and 1 tsp that’s all you’re allowed 1 TSP of ketchup so don’t forget to try this recipe make it and do let me know in the comments section how it was mmm

Go make it enjoy it 2 hours later so now it’s almost 11 a.m. and I’m quite hungry for my mid-morning snack yes that is exactly the trick to have small meals and lose weight by eating throughout the day so for mid-morning my options are about 1 whole apple or whole guava or a whole orange along with my favorite green tea yes this is a very nice combination to satiate you and to keep you full for another 2 to 3 hours until lunchtime I’ll see you then two hours later it’s time for lunch aren’t you hungry god I am so hungry but how can I have my lunch without you all now look at this beauty which I have cooked up in the kitchen it’s called an egg roll with a very very healthy roti yes just look at it it’s all stuffed with vegetables.

With a beautiful egg wouldn’t you want the recipe first let me bite into it and show you exactly what my expressions are after eating it you would have never had a better egg roll than this I promise seriously all you can have this is about 1 teaspoon of mint chutney which is so good for your digestion now let’s move on to the recipe while I eat I need to share the recipe too isn’t it how can I leave you all behind so all I did was sort it some veggies which you can see in here and here one by one without having added any salt to it and once they’ve sorted lightly I add a little bit of salt pepper and slight bit of oregano or mixed herbs and that’s exactly what flavor which is hitting your palate the moment you eat it it’s just phenomenal and after that I of course created the dough for the roti as you can see on my side including the turtles I’m eating also so I can’t talk with a mouthful the otro tree is very healthy for you and it is actually going to help you lose a lot of weight because I’ve added not just oats to it but also brand and normal beet look at these veggies all popping out this is not just a wholesome meal for your food for your intake of food but for also your eyes it is so pleasing to the eyes that you just love the colors popping out of the roti and as you can see I have prepared my roti and I put it on this side all I’ve added to the roti is salt and a little bit of jeera hold jeera that’s also very good for your digestion and for bloating problems

Then after that all I did was took two egg whites which is very little calories did you know one egg white has only 17 calories yes could you ever believe it so I used about two egg whites made an omelet and before I flip the omelet I put the roti on it very easy very simple that’s it my role is very you just put the stuffing inside it and you roll it up one more thing I forgot to tell you have also added some spicy hot chili sauce to it so all the calories have been counted if you want you can add barbecue sauce anything but do stick to the quantities only a teaspoon not more so while I enjoy my lunch you all go ahead make this recipe

I hope you have taken notes as well to make it later I’ll see you for dinner two hours later so hungry again so am i it has been about two hours since I had my lunch I know it was pretty filling and yummy and you all will watch for it but now for evening snack my options are very limited all I have is 100 calories so what do I choose nuts yes I’ll have about 5 soaked almonds 2 walnuts and 1 date that should just be enough to have with my evening tea now if you prefer milk tea never mind go ahead and have it but please don’t add any sugar to it because that’s not good for you plus what I usually do is have a cup of green tea or ginger and turmeric tea or cinnamon tea anyone is just fine and absolutely no calories at all plus it’s loaded with antioxidants now what more do I want to Pat that punch into my day so that I can have a smooth ride and lose all the weight

I want plus I’d also like to add because the whole day we have been eating and eating and eating yeah could you believe it when did you drink water so don’t forget to drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water because that is actually going to keep you hydrated you won’t feel hungry you won’t have any hunger pangs and it is also going to help you avoid constipation now let’s move on to dinner two hours later now it’s time for dinner oh my gosh this looks deadly well if you’re wondering what it is it’s called an omelet pizza isn’t it so delicious and look at the cheese slice yes my dear it’s all included don’t worry dig in or should i well you know what this is this is actually a very exciting wave of pepping your omelet and adding all the veggies I’ve added a little bit of olives as well as you can see on the screen beside me I’ve already started cooking so what did i do I just took about very little olive oil started cooking my omelet but before that I placed the tomatoes cut them into equal sized slices and place it in the non-stick pan and it looks so nice with the roasted tomatoes this becomes a juicy dish and the tomatoes are so good for you they are full of goodness plus it’s also a zero calorie food in fact most of the veggies used in this are all zero calories so absolutely even if the 200 calories you’re consuming you will end up burning it and just digesting it can you believe it so after roasting the tomatoes have added egg whites to just a little bit of salt and pepper mmm too delicious I’ve added two egg whites scrambled onto the tomatoes as you can see and I have also very nicely pleased selected vegetables which I probably prefer you can use whatever vegetables you prefer so I prefer mushrooms capsicum and a few of olives because I at Handy if you don’t have it that’s perfectly fine use whatever you want and you can season it a bit of black pepper or igano and that’s just about it and I’ve used only half a cheese slice as you can see yes I’m very stingy when it comes to Calvary’s only a half a cheese slice is allowed and this actually takes your dish to the next level because the cheese slice will just keep you fuller you won’t have any hunger pangs and also mentally you know it’s good fat it’s not a bad thing so it’s good for you mentally you will probably feel happy eating it why not but only half a cheese slice which is just about 30 to 40 calories what more do you want mm you must try this recipe at home.