Whenever one talks about the election and its result, we need to know that there is going to be only one winner! The team that stands second would gain nothing. Therefore, every political party needs to ensure that they follow a strict and well-planned election campaign. Following this will help them reach the common masses, which may help you win. As we know, in an election campaign the final output is winning! So, every step you take must meet the objectives of the voters. You need to segregate few things like what should be the campaign messages, how to position the candidate; track the voter’s sentiment, and many others. Since the task is not easy and needs time and expertise, it is better to hire an election expert company in India. One of the names in the market is MakeYouBig Media Pvt Ltd, which is a Media agency that mainly provides services in the field of Public Relation, Advertising & Digital Signage. The company also provides election campaign management in India through an effective campaign strategy. The voters in the earlier times lack awareness in terms of political camping so traditional modes of communications were done. However, nowadays, you see there are television and the Internet, which is far enough h to keep the voters informed and aware in every aspect. This is why even the political campaigns should upgrade in such a manner that they can develop an effective election campaign strategy. MakeYouBig being an election expert in India works stringently with an agenda to ensure that the political party gets what it pays for. The agency divides the strategy into 3 sections and these are like• Lists down the important voters and strategically target them• Plan the medium and approaches as to how to reach them• What should be the plan that will make the votes cast their vote in your favour? Another strategy of MakeYouBig is at first to understand the nature of the voter and then effectively connect with them. MYB (MakeYouBig) studies the data analytics of the political campaign to find out the insights and charts of the campaign that can persuade the voters to vote for you. The company has an election campaign strategy team led by Mr. Ashish Gupta, Founder & Director of  MakeYouBig Media Pvt Ltd. Mr. Ashish has over a decade of experience in consulting and managing election campaigns.

The reasons this company is distinctive are that it uses the special Booth management App designed specifically for its clients to help do the survey of the area the client will be serving to. Also to connect the maximum number of voters since the population using android has increased with the passing days, which is helpful for us to connect to the maximum number of voters. This app brings out the feedback and expectations of the voters, which helps us to plan a proper campaign for our clients accordingly to meet the expectations of them. Also, the company has 500 teams for booth management which are experts in survey and election management work. Not only that, but the company also has a skilled team of War Room. Both, the War Room and Booth Management teams assure to build an impactful image and reputation of the leaders among voters. The structured War room has professionals to plan the entire campaign throughout the election.

The professionals on daily basis ensure to• Create social media posts for all events• Mapping of event and gather videos and pictures from field• Coordination with client and vigil over social media to maximize branding• Consolidate analytical report for daily activity through company own war room software.

Mr. Ashish Gupta and his team of professionals work progressively to revolutionize the complete face of political campaign management in India. Starting from planning for excellent political campaign strategies to building up powerful political campaign slogans writing, MYB has also worked towards creating election campaign messages for candidates as well. Owing to the team of professionals, MakeYouBig has always contributed towards the success of the political campaign for the candidate. The strategy that it makes ensures the candidates connect with their voters in an excellent manner to bring success in the upcoming election.

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