An electric heater is an electrical device that converts an electric current into heat. Cold weather makes the use of heaters crucial in almost every household which heats the interiors of a place within a few minutes only. Electric heating has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Electric heaters come in different types that are not only efficient but may also cut down on your electricity bills if chosen properly. These heaters have become much more economical and offer a range of advantages that make them the most efficient, affordable, and reliable option.

Being one of the leading Electric heater suppliers in India we suggest if you are going to select an electric heater for your space, it is very important to consider the advantages and drawbacks of the device so that you can make the correct choice.


  • Easy Installation: They are inexpensive to install, are quite affordable when compared to other sources of heat. Because they have no ductwork, piping, or fuel-storage components, they have lower installation and maintenance costs.
  • Easy to use: They are quite simple to use and are extremely safe with no burning materials, combustible gases, or noxious fumes. They are built-in with two safety precautions. Firstly, electric heaters automatically shut off when anything comes closer to them. Secondly, they never get much heated to cause combustion. And also there’s no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. The heating elements are 100% safe as no gas is used.
  • Heats-up quickly: They heat the space in no time. If you keep the door of the room closed, the room will be heated quickly.
  • Less floor area and Portable: Due to their small size, electric heaters can be fitted in any space even in the tiniest space of your house.
  • Environmentally Friendly: As they do not rely on burning anything, no carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. It also preserves natural resources, as it does not require fuel. It generates no emissions and eliminates the risk of gas leaks.


In comparison to all the positives, there are also several drawbacks associated with electrical heaters.

  • High Cost: Electric heaters are costly to operate. They consume considerable electricity and can raise the electric bill extensively.
  • Outages: They cannot operate during power outages. Therefore, when you need heating most, such as during bad weather, it will not function.
  • Limited to small spaces: Electric heaters can only warm a little space of your home and not the entire home. If you need to heat the larger structure, it is not an accurate choice for you.

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