Quarantine times…Fight for life…The fallen economy…The hospitals filled to the brim. Never-ending work for the health professionals…People increasingly become jobless…The education system has been completely messed up…We have either lost someone dear already or are on the verge of losing…These are few among the myriads of trouble that the sudden outbreak of Covid-19 has brought forth. To stride on the path of realistic sanguinity and positive adaptability, has also brought us endless time at the tip of our fingers, leisurely times of reading and listening to music, calmly savouring tea on a fine weekday morning, and most importantly we have enough time to care for our families..!!

It has assuredly become a struggle to maintain one’s life. With the arrival of a variety of fungi that has been spreading rapidly, the situation is now critical.

We humans impulsively reject anything that wrecks the rhythm of our life. The same is the case for this atrocious virus which has been causing havoc all around the world. Immense research has been going on for the past one & a half years and we have successfully developed vaccines against it. Hopefully, this prodigious calamity will be soon eradicated.

Did you know that Ayurvedic classics, which have been written eons ago, have mentioned pandemics in them..!?

When everything you’ve known suddenly changes its course and life comes to an impasse, Ayurveda can help redeem it. In Ayurveda, under the topic janapadodhwamsa, pandemics and epidemics have been discussed.

It literally means the destruction of a community in a specific location within a short duration. Janapadodhwamsa may be classified as unavoidable and avoidable. Unavoidable consists of inevitable disasters like floods, cyclones, landslides, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc. Avoidable comprises terrorism, wars – nuclear weapons, missiles, etc , effects of pathogens, evil forces., etc., and curses. The Covid -19 pandemic comes under the latter.

No two individuals are the same – be it personality or their physical constitution. Even then, some factors are commonly seen in all individuals. They are air, water , location and season. When these factors vitiate, it leads to simultaneous manifestations of diseases which have the same set of symptoms, capable of even leading to the destruction of a country.

This teeny – weeny Corona virus has been capable of making us humans, (who are infinite times larger than it) kowtow before it. How did this come to be? It may be primarily attributed to the fact that this virus spreads through respiratory droplets & contact routes and secondarily to our ignorance. It is so savage to even affect the unborn child to the geriatric. As William Shakespeare said, ” These violent delights have violent ends “, the virus has its own nemesis – the disinfectants. WHO has issued several advisories to the people as precautionary measures. It includes wearing layered masks to prevent contact with infected droplets, frequent cleansing of hands using sanitizers, and maintaining a social distance of at least 1-2 meters. Those who follow this advice have been able to keep the virus at bay up to an extent. Practicing healthy dietary and lifestyle habits also help.

Does Ayurveda mention preemptive means to deal with pandemics?

The preventive methods described in Ayurveda are similar to the above-mentioned points with the addition of properly following the daily & seasonal regimens, rejuvenation therapy to enhance immunity and strengthen the body, preventing contamination of air, water, food, etc. and sincerity, compassion, generosity, devotion to God, chanting mantras & performing rituals. Local preventive concepts like consumption of ginger, pepper, turmeric, etc Drinking warm water, certain kashayas (decoction), and churnas (powdered medication) have also been embraced wholeheartedly by the general public.

Research reports published by renowned scientists establishes the fact that etiology, mode of transmission, and preventive & control measures mentioned in janapadodhwamsa is quite similar to those of the recent pandemic. Treatment techniques including properly sticking to dinacharya (daily regimen) & ritucharya (seasonal regimen), purification of air & water, and Rasayana Chikitsa have been proved to be effective in the fight against Covid-19.

Why do you think the current generation has become so immunodeficient..?

Our ancestors were far stronger in their natural defenses as compared to the so-called modern people. It is accredited to the age-old practices they have followed thoroughly. Yes!! Ayurveda is the answer to the problems you have been facing. Is your immune system weak? Are you prone to diseases more often than not? Are you suffering physically or mentally? Ayurveda has a solution to it… !!

Daily regimens as instructed in Ayurveda starts from waking up at Brahma muhurtha and end with sadvritta. A reference significant in these pandemic times as mentioned in dinacharya, is the indirect quotation of using masks.

It means sneezing, laughing, and yawning should not be done without concealing one’s countenance. This alone shows that what we have been forced to do since this outrageous outbreak is something that should have been made a part of our daily life. The lifestyle choices that we put together while trying to catch up with the rush of modern times are not always beneficial. Dinacharya has been detailed in Ayurvedic classics to ensure the welfare of mankind. It also propounds the importance of abhyanga (oil massage), vyayama (exercise), snana (bath), and many others which is beyond the scope of this article. Among these, exercises and bathing relates to increasing one’s physical strength as well as personal hygiene.

When one practices ritu charya (seasonal regimen) in an appropriate manner as described in the Ayurvedic literature, with the apt dietary and behavioral measures, it helps to acclimatize seasonal changes and enhance immunity. Lifestyle disorders can be prevented upto an extent. It’s high time to free yourself from the shackles of sickness.

Contamination of air, water, etc. is another cause of ill health. Purification of air can be done by dhoopana (fumigation) with anti-microbial plants like tulsi, neem, turmeric, ativisha, etc. Dhoopana helps prevent infectious diseases. Aparajitha dhooma choornam, a herbal fumigant has been found to have amazing results against Covid, thus proving the claim. Numerous methods have also been mentioned for cleansing of water.

Research findings prove Rasayana Chikitsa to boost immunity!!

” Epidemic diseases are not to be scared of if proper treatment can be assured “. The rejuvenation therapy (Rasayana Chikitsa) is considered the best solution to prove this statement. Research findings certify that Rasayana is the most highly efficacious and cost effective method for prevention and control of Covid -19. These immuno modulators help maintain a healthy life by boosting immunity.

In Covid-19, symptoms like cold, cough and breathlessness, it’s evident that the respiratory system is the most affected. Hence, drugs which help boost immune power and strengthen the respiratory system are to be used. Rasayanas like Chyavanaprasa, Agastya haritaki, Pippali rasayana, Ashwagandha, etc. are effective for this purpose. Innumerable benefits have been listed out, among which promotion of body strength including immunity & correction of the imbalanced immune functions, tops.

Everyone craves for a breezy or carefree life devoid of struggles. The advancement in technologies has most certainly made it easier. Still, the Covid -19 outbreak has tested our mankind in as many ways as possible. The death tolls have risen. The number of patients is increasing by day. The rest live in fear. It has played with our physical, emotional and mental aspects as it wished. The combined efforts of all fields of science are required to eradicate this evil from the world.

Though the word ‘epidemiology’ is not explicitly used in Ayurveda, it can be seen that the principles mentioned under Janapadodhwamsa compare with modern Epidemiology. Basic principles detailed in Ayurvedic classics centuries ago actually coincide with several modern sciences. From the recent findings, light has been thrown over the fact that concepts of etiology, mode of transmission, preventive and control measures, etc. in Covid -19 are found to be similar to janapadodhwamsa. Hence, the relation between Covid-19 and janapadodhwamsa can be considered undisputable.

Life is filled with uncertainties. Try your best and live your life to the fullest. Leave the rest to fate! Let’s all hope for a better future without having to hide in your own homes in fear of a devil that may befall us at any moment!

Author’s Bio

Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan (MD-Alternative Medicine) is the wife of Dr. Vikram Chauhan and also an Expert Ayurveda Consultant in Chandigarh (India). She is an amazing personality and is a BAMS- gold medalist. She has a pool of knowledge related to Ayurveda and also has experience in treating patients with her knowledge. She has successfully treated many patients and even has protected many patients from the side effects of chemical-based medication.