A circuit Breaker Timer is essential to any power distribution system to protect against dangerous power system occurrences and conditions such as a short circuit, circuit overload, or equipment system failure.

It is common to practise for big high-voltage power substations to use circuit breakers, and these devices can also be found in the electrical panels of most homes and businesses. Power system circuit breakers are equipped to open and close circuits, carry load current with low resistance, and channel electrical current to where it is needed most. In the event of an overload, they will trip automatically, and they can also be operated manually for testing and upkeep.

Testing and analysis of circuit breakers regularly are essential to guarantee that they are operating within their stringent performance standards. Checking the timing of the breaker contacts’ opening and shutting, the current consumption during operation, and the contact resistance are the primary tests needed to evaluate the circuit breaker’s operational status. Each component of the electro-mechanical system needs to be tested separately, and the system as a whole and testing must be done under both normal and fault situations.

What is Circuit Breaker Timer?

Electrical power is generated and distributed through a medium. High-voltage power substations, where sophisticated field-service devices called circuit r timers are utilised for testing and maintaining the substation’s circuit breakers. Timers for circuit breakers are also common in many other industrial settings and circuit breaker factories.

To reduce time and boost testing productivity during maintenance events, the Circuit Breaker Timer is equipped with a microprocessor-controlled circuit that tests all of the necessary functions of the circuit breaker within a single, portable unit.

Functions of a Circuit Breaker Timer:

Circuit timers supplied by Circuit Breaker Timer supplier in India contact operations can be automatically tested, captured, and stored by a circuit timer. The time it takes for a circuit breaker’s contacts to open or close entirely can be measured down to the millisecond.

A four-wire contact resistance measurement of the main circuit and dynamic contact resistances to assess the state of the arcing contacts can be obtained with a single test using the built-in micro-ohmmeter included in most Circuit Timers.

Since the unit is portable, it can be used in any environment, whether indoors or outside, and the included testing cables may be used to quickly and easily connect to the circuit breakers. They feature an internal power source with voltage and current outputs for testing circuit breakers in unpowered substations or on a maintenance bench.

The built-in thermal printer on a Circuit Breaker Timer allows instantaneous results analysis right where the testing was performed. Additional testing data, such as the breaker and substation identifiers, test type, and testing date and time, can be set to be printed out.

Conclusion: Need a Circuit Timer that passes all necessary tests during production and upkeep? If so, you should use a tool designed to provide precise timings while analysing circuit breakers. We are the best Circuit Breaker Timer Manufacturer in IndiaS.B. Electrotech. Due to the difficulty in accurately measuring the timing and motion assessment of high or medium-voltage circuit breakers in industrial settings, this product has been designed to offer superior evaluation.