If you’re planning to use essential oils and want to make the best out of them, you ought to be careful that you’re taking care of them correctly and only using oils that haven’t expired.

People are mostly shocked to discover that essential oils also have a shelf life. To defend and justify a high price tag, they might have been informed that essential oils never expire or degrade. Yes, they do. They don’t go rotten like the way we believe natural foods expire when they grow mold, and won’t necessarily hurt you, but it will likely be less effective and lose their efficacy over time. Almost all organic compounds have an expiration date. It’s just the chemical composition that determines how short or long that takes. So look for reliable essential oils manufacturers that make pure oils and will tell you the expected shelf life of that oil.

How to tell if an essential oil has deteriorated

As mentioned, when essential oils go wrong, it is not as noticeable as other products. Essential oils do not exactly expire. Essential Oil Safety states that contaminants and degradation can all increase the toxicity of essential oils and can cause them to spoil. They are sensitive to light, heat, and exposure to air. So it’s important to shop with essential oils suppliers that you trust. You should check a few things to help you determine whether your essential oil is safe to use or not.

  • The aroma: The rancid oil has a different aroma.
  • Consistency of oil
  • Check out its color and clarity

How to maximize its shelf life

If you want the bottle to last longer, take to ensure that your essential oils are properly stored without exposure to heat, light, and air. When it comes to the bottle, oils are best stored in a dark-colored glass bottle and it should be tightly capped. Also,re-bottle the oil into a smaller bottle to prevent oxygen from interacting with your oils.

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