Highest Returning Stocks – After the epidemic, there was a huge decline in many stocks. But this seed’s highest returner has also seen many companies in the market. Which has shown tremendous jump in share price along with increasing its business.

Among them, the shareholder will know about the 5 AC stocks that earn Multibagger returns in a short time, which have given tremendous earnings to their shareholder even in such a bad time. Let us know in detail about those shares-

Highest Returning Stocks

At the time of Corona, many such companies were seen whose business had come to a standstill. But there were some companies which are running their business in huge profits. Due to the growth of its business, it has also become the stock giving the highest shareholder return in comparison to the rest of the company’s stock.

Aditya Vision Ltd:-

The shares of this company have given Multibagger returns to the shareholders in the last few months only. If you look at the share price of the company, it is being seen around Rs 900. If you look at the performance of the stock in the last one year, then with the highest return, you will see a profit of about 3500 percent right now.

The company’s share price had made even higher returns. But due to the high rise, profit booking was seen in the stock and there has also been a unilateral decline.

Talking about the business of Aditya Vision Company, then it is the fastest growing business in the retail electronics business in Bihar. The company’s business is present in every district of Bihar and does business of all types of electronics through different stores. The company claims that Aditya Vision has become the seed household name of the people of the state.

The main reason for such a big jump in the stock of the company is that last year when the lockdown was imposed due to the epidemic, after that most of the people were buying goods online, the business of Aditya Vision got the benefit of the same. A lot of shopping was seen on the company’s online website. The direct benefit of which has been seen in the share price along with the increase in the business of the company.

Subex Limited share:

After many years, good returns are being seen in the stock of Subex. If you look at the shares of the company in the long run, it will be seen moving in the same range. But recently the

Company’s stock has shown tremendous jump. If you look at the share price, it is currently seen around Rs 50. Talking about the returns in the stock of Subex in the last one year, then almost you will get to see more than 360 percent returns.

The root cause of such a huge jump in the stock of Subex is that the company’s business seems to be investing more and more on Artificial Intelligence with a view to the future in the technology sector. Because of which big investors are investing in this stock from a long-term perspective. Due to which such a big jump has been seen in the share price in a short time.

Highest Returning Stock

Laxmi Organic Industries Ltd: –

A tremendous company in the chemical sector which has recently been listed in the stock market. In a very short time, the company’s shares have given very high returns by earning their shareholders.

The price brand of the company’s IPO was Rs 130. If seen since the listing, within a few months, the stock has so far given a tremendous return of more than 190 percent by earning shareholders.

If you look at the business of Laxmi Organic, the monopoly of the company can be seen on some different special chemicals in the chemical sector. The demand for this type of chemical is continuously flowing, due to which the business of the company is also seen increasing continuously. Due to which the shares of the company are expected to show good performance even in the future.

Brightcom group share:-

Shares of the company which used to come in penny stock list a few months back but have given multibagger returns to the shareholders within a short span of time. If you look at the share price of Brightcom now, it is seen around Rs 35. Talking about the returns in the last one year, the brightcom group share has given more than 450 percent returns.

The main reason for such a big jump in the share price of the company is that the brightcom group was seen acquiring a big digital marketing company in India in its business. Due to which the company’s business is expected to see a good boom in the coming years. Due to this expectation, one-sided tremendous growth in the stock has been seen in a short time.

Happiest Minds Technologies Ltd:-

The company has given the highest return to its shareholders by earning the highest ever since its listing in the market. At present, if we look at the share price, it seems to be trading around Rs 1480. If you look at the performance of the last one year, you will see tremendous returns of more than 300 percent.

A company associated with the IT sector, which has been seen trying its best to improve its business in a different way than the rest of the competitor company. Due to which Happiest Minds Technologies has shown good growth in profit margin along with continuous growth in the business. Due to this, in a short time, the company’s stock is seeing a steady rise.

Should invest in high return stocks

Shares of any company gives the highest return in a short period of time to its shareholders by earning them when there is a sudden change in the business of the company. At the same time, penny stocks also give tremendous returns due to news. But due to good revenue and profit in the business of some company, good returns are also maintained.

Therefore, before investing, it is very important to keep in mind that the changes that have taken place in the company, whether it can be seen to be beneficial in the long run or not. If it is seen to be beneficial in future also, then the stock can give good returns in the long run as well.

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In My Own Viewpoint

These 5 stocks giving the highest returns have already given good returns by earning. Due to which the risk of profit booking remains higher than the possibility of going upwards in these stocks. Because of which if you are trying to buy, then you get stuck on the above share price. Due to which you may also suffer a great loss. Therefore, before buying shares at any price, do your analysis once.