The process without which no metal or steel industry can function or run their business operations is Shot Blasting. This technique is widely used in industries that use metal such as aerospace, automobile, rail, shipbuilding, etc. Shot Blasting is a popular term used by most of the top Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers in India used to polish metal surfaces.

This blasting process offers significant advantages for the protection and maintenance of steel and metal goods. The equipment which is used to achieve the blasting process is called Shot Blasting Machine. In this blog, we will discuss the Abrasive Blasting Machine, its working process, and its benefits.

A Brief Overview of Shot Blasting Machine

A shot blasting machine is an enclosed product designed to clean and prepare metal, stone, and other surfaces. It is a shot peening machine used for cleaning metal components such as forgings, castings, steel surfaces, heavy metal structures, corroded metal parts, and so on. You can also use a sand blasting machine to clean and smoothen the stiff and tough surfaces.

However, in the sandblasting process, sand is used as a blasting material against the surface. This machine features an enclosed chamber used for shots and grit blasting purposes. Also, a blasting machine has a bare wheel that constantly rotates at high speed to blast materials such as steel shots, steel grits, etc.

A dust collecting system is also included in these machines to prevent contaminants, and dust particles, among other things, from escaping into the environment. This dust collector reduces abrasive waste while also protecting the environment.

How Does a Shot Blasting Machine Work?

These blasting machines employ blast material on metal surfaces in a confined chamber to remove surface rust, welding slag, and descaling, making it uniform, shining, and improving anti-rust chemical coating quality. A shot peening machine uses a centrifugal wheel to drive abrasives to remove a layer of deposits and impurities from the surface of metal and steel items. There are three primary reasons why shot blasting is required before finishing a product:

  • To polish and descale a metal casting or forging surface.
  • Improve the adherence of paints and coatings to the surfaces of metal items.
  • Modify the surface characteristics of a metal or steel by eliminating impurities and dust particles.

Two Techniques of Shot Blasting

Wheel Blasting

In this process, a shot blasting machine makes use of a turbine wheel to convert the electric motor energy into kinetic energy. This is an economical way to treat and smooth the surfaces of big machinery. The turbine wheel acts as a centrifugal pump, delivering abrasive to the surface by centrifugal force.

Air Blasting

In this process, a blasting machine uses compressed air through a nozzle to propel an abrasive material at the metal surface. This is comparatively an expensive process because of the use of steel frames. The process is used for small machinery.

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Which Main Components are Used in a Shot Blasting Machine?

You need to understand the working process and the components of an abrasive blasting machine if your industry demands the process of shot blasting. It helps you in establishing an eye for the functionality of various sections before making the final selection on which machine is best suited to your demands and requirements.

Selecting the right equipment is important to ensure that your surfaces are cleaned efficiently, quickly, and to the best of your ability. So, have a look at the critical components of the abrasive blasting machine. These components are also used while manufacturing a Sand Blasting Machine.

A Blast Wheel

The wheel is the focal portion of any centrifugal shot-blasting equipment. The wheels aid in the movement of abrasive particles propelled by centrifugal force by various types of turbine wheels. When the quality of the wheels is optimal, both the efficiency and the cleaning effect are excellent.

An Elevator and Abrasive Recovery System

This element has a particular role in the machine and keeps it running smoothly by assisting the machine in recovering spent abrasives. The abrasives are retrieved at the cabinet’s base by a screw conveyor and sent to the base of the elevator, which then transports these abrasives to the separator for further processing.

Separator Section

The Separator is an important component of abrasive blasting equipment. It assists in cleaning all pollutants before abrasives reach the blast wheel for reuse.

Dust Collector System

This is also the most crucial component of the Shot Blasting Machine. The dust collector is a component that is mostly used for filtering. The system helps in removing dusty air from the separator and air that becomes stuck in the cabinet ventilation system and releases clean air into the atmosphere to provide a pollution-free environment.


The chamber or cabinet, like the blast wheel, is an integral component of the shot blasting machine as the high-speed abrasive particles need a closed and vibration-free cabinet to be treated. These chambers are made from high-quality steel to ensure strength and durability.

Work Handling Mechanism

Most parts within the machine are used for conveying the components that vary depending on the kind, size, and quality of the things that need to be processed.

 Advantages of a Shot Blasting Machine

  • These machines are used to clean and smoothen the surface of metals.
  • Shot blasting is used to serve an array of applications in different industries including metalworking, automobile, foundries, aviation, and more.
  • Abrasive blasting machines have fast speed, consistent quality, and high work efficiency.
  • Shot blasting, in addition to its capacity to refine and shape metals, may play a significant part in the maintenance of mission-critical gear and equipment.

The Final Verdict

Shot blasting is a tough procedure that necessitates the use of well-designed equipment. Surface International, one of the leading Shot Blasting Machine Suppliers in India, provides you with a range of high-quality metal shots and machines. We supply you with an effective system of blasting services with the right blasting machine. Also, we can manufacture other products such as Sand Blasting Machine, Air Operated Machine, etc. If you want to learn more about our products, visit our website.