If you are finding it difficult to lose weight at the age of 40, then do not worry, rather do these 3 exercises mentioned by the expert daily.

Are you 40 years old Women
Are you fed up with increasing weight?
Do you exercise daily for weight loss?
But if you are not taking the name of your weight loss, then definitely read this article because today we have brought 3 exercises for you, with the help of which you can reduce your weight easily.

Our aim is to make women fit and active, so we bring weight loss exercises for you from time to time.

Was told about the exercise to be done for weight loss. Today we have brought you a special exercise for women up to the age of 40 years. Fitness expert Sweta Ji has told us about these exercises. By doing these exercises, you can reduce your weight fast and keep yourself fit.

Expert opinion

Sweta ji says that “even at the age of 40, women do the same exercises that women in their 30s do.” Whereas, with increasing age, the body of women changes in many ways. Many women develop menopause at this age and find it difficult to lose weight due to changes in hormones. Therefore, you need to pay attention to this. Women should exercise according to age to stay fit and weight loss. ”

If you are 40 years old then you should include some special exercise in the fitness routine. So today we have brought some special exercises for women of 40 years of age, which you can easily lose your weight by doing daily.

You must have seen that Bollywood actresses can keep themselves fit and active with increasing age. This is because she exercises by age to keep herself fit. From Raveena Tandon to Shilpa Shetty and Malaika Arora, she exercises daily to keep herself fit. No one can guess the real age by looking at their fitness and glowing skin.

Splits from jump jump

This is a cardio exercise that you can easily do at home. If you are not going anywhere, then you can do this exercise by standing back and forth in one place in the house. You will have to perform a skid with 10 split jumps. Scouts are a bodyweight exercise that tones our issues. Gives us Lean Muscle Mass and helps in weight loss. This exercise is an example of the best cardio functional training. The best thing about this exercise is that you do not need any equipment to do it.

How to split with a split jump

To do this, first of all, stand up straight and rest your hands on the waist.

Open the legs and jump backwards. By doing this your right leg will be forward and your left leg will be backwards.
Keep repeating this back and forth. Also, do the scouts. That is, sit down in the chair position.
Split jump is a cardio exercise that should be done on an empty stomach in the morning. By doing this, it proves very effective.

Open to close jump scouts

It is also a cardio exercise that helps you in weight loss and helps you tone the legs. This also makes your hips shapely.

How to do open to close jump scouts

In this, you have to do two simultaneous swatches.
Once the legs are connected, then jump and open the legs and do the squats.
You have to do this continuously.

Nailing squats

This exercise helps in losing weight and is very good for the knees. Increases flexibility in body. This makes the front of the legs tone. It also burns calories and tones the lower part of the body. Apart from this, the lean mass that is formed from this exercise helps in weight loss.

How to do kneeling squats

For this, keep a mat and sit on it.
Then put your hands behind your head and sit on your knees.
Place your left knee on the floor and the heel of your front foot and lift the other leg up.
First, bend the knee with one foot on the ground and then do it with the other.
Do this by switching legs.

Women who do regular scouts do not have their knees deteriorating with increasing age. Earlier there were Hindi toilets but now most of the women use English toilets due to which their body has started to flutter. This is because, in the Hindi toilet, they would get exercised by sitting in the positions of the squats.