Jewellery is enough to give a stylish look to a simple outfit. That is why it is said that you must have the latest Jewellery in your collection.

Along with clothes, beautiful jewelry also matters. A single jewelry piece can transform your entire look. That’s why you should keep your jewelry collection up-to-date. Are you fond of buying Jewellery? That’s why you keep watching new designs of Jewellery on online sites day and night? If you like indoor shopping, then today we have brought a list of markets in Delhi from where you can buy trading Jewellery.

Dilli Haat Ina

It is necessary to have perfect jewelry with the outfit. That’s why nowadays different types of Jewellery are available in the market. Take a tour of Dilli Haat to buy antique to oxidized Jewellery. In Dilli Haat, you will find jewelry in every range. Not only this, many handmade jewelry is also available here, which are very beautiful to see.

However, you will need a pass to visit Dilli Haat. The specialty of this haat is that along with Jewellery, you can also buy clothes, bags and a full meal from here. Dilli Haat remains open for seven days.

How To Reach Dilli Haat INA

Take the Yellow Line Metro to reach Dilli Haat. You have to get down at INA Metro Station. You will see Dilli Haat just a short distance from the metro.

Dariba Kalan Market

Chandni Chowk market is famous all over the world. That’s why there is a crowd of customers here. Dariba Kalan market is located in Chandni Chowk, where special silver Jewellery is available. Apart from silver, you can also explore this market for semi-precious stone jewelry.

The specialty of this market is that here you will get jewelry at a lower price than other markets. That means you can buy good stuff even in a low budget. This market is held from 10 am to 8 pm. This market remains closed on Sundays. So make a plan for shopping on other days.

How To Reach Dariba Kalan Chandni Chowk

Reach Chandni Chowk by Yellow Line. You can take a rickshaw or walk to reach the market.

Paharganj Market

Delhi’s Paharganj market is also very famous. From vegetables to household items are available in this market. If you are thinking of buying beautiful jewelry ranging from daily wear to saree, then you should visit Paharganj once.

Jewelery ranging from chunky to gold is available in the Paharganj market. You can buy earrings from this market for Rs.30-50. If you are fond of wearing rings, then you will get a ring for only 20-30 rupees. Think what will be cheaper than this now?

Karol Bagh

Karol Bagh Market is also known for clothes and jewelry. If you love having the latest collection of Jewellery, then you will definitely love this market. You can also buy bridal jewelry from this market. Here you will get necklace sets for Rs.200. Small hair accessories like hair band, clip, and rubber band will be able to buy for 20-30 rupees.

How To Reach Karol Bagh Market

Karol Bagh goes to Direct Metro. Get down at Karol Bagh Metro Station. After landing, you will see the market at a short distance.