For a clean face look for special occasions, the shape of the eyebrow can add or subtract from the overall appearance. To get the right brow shape that frames the eyes beautifully, many people opt for Eyebrow Threading. This is an easy, relatively painless method. People generally use a simple household item here, i.e., a cotton thread.

For the best shape, you should rely on good professional salon experts. Not only can they provide perfect eyebrow shapes, but they also do this quickly. 

The following are particular points about eyebrow threading before-and-after care that everyone should keep in mind.

1.   Threading is safe for all skin types

This process is simple to complete and does not involve any harsh chemicals or solutions. So, it is relatively safe for people who have sensitive skin or any other skin type. 

2.   Get a precise eyebrow shape

The Eyebrow Threading shapes, done with the help of professionals, are more well-defined. They shape both eyebrow sides in the same structure, following the natural arch of the area.

3.   Avoid putting any products beforehand

Before going for a threading session, remove all makeup from your skin, like mascara or eyeliner.

4.   No potential side effects

Threading only involved the use of cotton thread. Indeed, there is no need for chemically made products and people can do without another service first, like waxing. Therefore, you would barely notice any allergic reaction whatsoever. However, slight redness may remain which is easily treatable with aloe vera.

5.   Exfoliate first

Exfoliation would rid your skin of any impurities and freshen up the clogged skin layers. Plus, the threading process would finish smoothly and with no painful effect.

6.   It is better than waxing

Using the same waxing pot or stick on the next client can increase the likelihood of infection. Threading is comparatively safer and simpler.

How do the professionals from Zoylee do eyebrow threading?

For the best eyebrow threading practice, it is best to download the online salon booking app named Zoylee and hire salon professionals through it.

They would wind a cotton thread in a figure-8 shape with their fingers. The twist present in the middle would pull out the hair fibers from their roots. They quickly hold the thread over the areas with the unwanted hair and pluck them out.

While clients can do it at home, the professionals are more skilled and faster. Plus, doing it by yourself perfectly would require you to have lots of practice first.

Types of eyebrow treatments available from professionals

The following are the common types of eyebrow shaping treatments the salon experts provide for their clients.

●      Threading

Typically, the process does not take a long time, and the effect lasts for 4-5 weeks. For a clean and precise eyebrow look, clients have to book an appointment once each month. Also, mention the exact shape you want beforehand; the professionals do it accordingly.

●      Brow tinting

In contrast to the main aim of a threading service, this option adds a fullness to the eyebrow look. Here, the professionals color the eyebrow hair using a solution made of vegetable-based dye and 3% peroxide.

This process is a good choice for people with transparent, light, and/or fine hair. Generally, the effects last for 1-3 months.

●      Trimming/tweezing

Trimming is useful for shortening the brow hair and is a common supplementary service that clients getting a waxing session select. On the other hand, tweezing involves pulling the hairs from the dermis layer entirely. The latter is similar to the threading method, and the eyebrow shape stays as intended for 4-6 weeks.

However, unlike the threading method which pulls out a row of eyebrow hairs, tweezing is done one hair at a time. To note, trimming is a safer alternative as it does not result in skin damage or burning sensation.

●      Microblading

This is a type of semi-permanent makeup of eyebrow tattooing to fill color and depth to the brows. Here, professionals use brow pigment ink and needle to create defined strokes that look like hair. Overall, the process lasts for approximately two hours.

●      Eyebrow henna

This works like brow tinting and colors the eyebrows artificially to make them appear fuller. Typically, the results last for 6 weeks and 10 days on the hair and skin respectively.


All in all, eyebrow threading requires minimal preparation beforehand and no products if you get it done at a salon. Choose certified and trained professionals for your session after carefully checking their salon reviews and credentials.