Fake phone call fraud and ways to avoid it. While mobile phones have made people’s lives easier, have passed their loved ones through video calls, have made it easier to complete their work sitting at home, it has also given rise to cybercrime. Many people fall prey to fraud calls and lose their capital deposited in the bank.

This mostly happens due to lack of awareness. Today in this post, we will give you information about fake phone call fraud and preventive measures. Come, let’s start-

What is Fake Phone Call Fraud?

Friends, first of all let us know what is fake phone call fraud. When someone cheats you by taking fake call or message on your number by taking bank related information from you, then it is called Fake phone call fraud.

How To Identify Fraud Call?

Friends, now we will tell you how you can know that a fraud call has come on your mobile phone. These are the ways-

     1. Let us tell you that the bank never calls or emails any of its customers to ask for their bank account information, password, ATM PIN, internet banking user name or password. If you receive any such calls, please understand that it is a fraudulent call. Immediately report this to the police.

     2. If someone calls you and tells you that the validity of your debit card, credit card has expired, and your bank details are needed to restart it, then understand. That this is a fraud call.

     3. You have not applied for any loan. But if someone calls you a bank manager and says your loan has been approved. If you click on the link of the SMS sent by the bank, then you will know that someone on the other side is calling fraud.

     4. If someone calls you and says that you are the lucky winner. You have won the lottery. To transfer the prize money to your account, your bank account details are required.

     5. There is a lot of craze for KBC these days. If someone calls you and tells you that you have been selected for an award by KBC. This amount will be transferred after giving you the bank details.

     6. If you are told on the phone that a link has been sent to your mail or via SMS, click on it and you will be given such and such a gift. For this you will have to give your personal information i.e. personal details in a form. Understand this is a fraud.

     7. If you are asked by an unknown person on phone or mail to participate in any competition and fill Google form or you are sent a job offer. Understand that fraud is being attempted with you.

     8. If you are asked to call and upgrade the SIM and for this bank details are asked.

What kind of information do the fraudsters ask from you?

Friends, be careful. Now we will tell you what kind of information the fraudsters ask from you by making fake phone calls. It is as follows-

1. Bank account number

2. OTP

3. ATM pin/password

4. Debit card number/password

5. Credit card number/password

6. CVV number

7. Expiry date

How to avoid throw phone call fraud?

Now we will tell you how you can avoid fraud through fake phone calls. Friends, you can try the following methods of rescue-

  • If someone calls you and asks for bank account information on any pretext, do not give it at all.
  • If you use internet banking, then carry out the transaction only by visiting the official and authentic website of the bank.
  • Do not click on the link received from any such SMS or email, in which it has been asked to open any website from the bank.
  • Never dare to do internet banking on shared system in cyber cafe.
  • Never give your identity card like Aadhaar card etc. to anyone without a real reason. He can use it improperly.
  • If you want to take advantage of the customer care facility, then instead of searching on Google and entering your mobile number, search directly on the official website of the bank. Open the site only by typing its URL in the address bar.
  • If you receive a message about winning a lottery, do not open the link given in the SMS for the greed of the prize. This fraud has emptied the bank accounts of many people.
  • Keep updating your system.

What to do if there is a fraud?

Friends, despite all precautions, if someone has cheated you through fake phone call, then you should take these steps with immediate effect-

  • First of all inform your bank immediately and get your debit or credit card blocked immediately.
  • Immediately inform in this regard to your nearest police station.
  • Make a copy of the SMS of the transaction.
  • After this, complain about it by writing on a plain page along with your six months bank account details, photocopy of passbook and photocopy of the proof on the basis of which the account was opened. Register an FIR.

Fraud with fake toll number in the name of providing anti virus service

Friends, a hallmark of how phone call frauds are, can be understood from the fact that not one or two, but five fake call centers were caught in Pune. A lot of fraud was being done with the people from here. Let us tell you that a fraudster caught in Pune used a toll free number to talk to foreign nationals, which he used to change every month.


Truecaller collects spam reports voluntarily submitted by users to prevent fraud, crime, abuse, and unsolicited calls and messages. When users block messages, they can choose to suggest names of companies or people to call or message. Truecaller collects these reports over a period of time, and if there are multiple instances of a particular number being spam by the user community, they designate that number as spam and share it with all users when they receive a spam call or text message this information.

If after a period of time, the number of users reporting a number as spam falls below a threshold, the number will be removed from the spam list. They only use the information provided when blocking a number to create a spam directory and block the number on the associated user’s device. When a number is no longer designated as spam, all associated information is deleted.

Note Important

Truecaller also identifies Spam Callers in SMS. Truecaller keeping Spam Calls and SMS in mind.

Whenever you get any call or sms, you must check it in Truecaller App.

It the number show fraud on Truecaller, check then number in the call, Then block it and do not pick up the phone.

Note Important

ट्रूकॉलर एसएमएस में भी स्पैम कॉल करने वालों की पहचान करता है। ट्रूकॉलर स्पैम कॉल और एसएमएस को ध्यान में रखते हुए।

जब भी आपको कोई कॉल या एसएमएस आए तो आप उसे ट्रूकॉलर ऐप में जरूर चेक करें।

यह नंबर ट्रूकॉलर पर धोखाधड़ी दिखाता है, फिर कॉल में नंबर की जांच करें, फिर इसे ब्लॉक करें और फोन न उठाएं।

Fake Number and SMS And Fraud Call No List:

  1. 8986793978 (sbi fraud scam, received sms to update pan number in hdfc account to unblock. fraud number)
  2. 8987904298 (Scam Bank Ac, please be ware . he is using firebase app. so never click on any links sent by the number, Bank account fraud. Login and KYC fraud for account hack)

Rummy Number and SMS And Fraud Call No List:

  1. 6355394754 (Rummy Fraud fake sms)