We all are aware of the industrial processes. These industrial processes include physical, chemical, electrical, and mechanical strides to support the assembling process of a product and that too at an extensive scale. These processes help in producing a product at the lowest cost and most of the processes need a particular operating temperature that automatically results in the yielding of heat. The heat produced as a by-product can have harmful consequences for the final products. So it becomes necessary to balance the heat and maintain temperature. The solution to add the cooling effect and minimize the heating effect is a Process water chiller.

What are the working principles of a Process water chiller?

Before going deep into the working principles, it is essential to know why we need a chiller? 

We require chillers to avoid the equipment shutdowns, reduction in the production cycle, and also the premature failures that are the outcomes of excessive heat produced during the industrial processes. Here, the Process water chiller provides compatible temperature and pressure that simplifies the whole process and yields the highest quality final product.

Now, let us discuss the working of a Process water chiller:

For circulating the cool water to the process, various pumping systems are used. The chillers absorb the heat and transfer it to a discrete water source that can be any such as a river, pond, or any cooling tower. The cool water takes out heat from the process and the warm water travels back to the chiller. In this process, a refrigeration cycle takes place. 

What is a refrigeration cycle?

Refrigerants work on the principle of compression and phase change. By phase change we mean, changing from a liquid to gas and then back to liquid from the gas. This process of changing phases from one state to another and then back to the former one, heating and cooling the refrigerant is known as the refrigeration cycle. The two types of refrigeration cycle used in water chillers are:-

● Vapor Compression Cycle

● The absorption Cycle

Why are we the best Process water chiller manufacturers in India

There is an ample number of manufacturers in India but you need to pick the best and the leading one. Warkin Equipments Private Limited is the best manufacturer among all the manufacturers available. They provide you with the highest quality products as the quality is superior to quantity. To make your decision, you need to have a look at the features of a Process water chiller. 

Have a look below:-

● Authentic and superior

● High quality with best designs and top-class cop

● Antifreeze safety and water flow switches

● One-stop solution for energy-saving equipment

● High energy efficiency

● Ozone friendly refrigerants keeping in mind the environment

● Efficient lubrication that helps well while the power failures due to excessive heat

● Polyurethane or powder-coated paint

● Usage of galvanized steel in manufacturing the body of chiller

● Frequency drive option available in order to adjust the frequency as per the need

● Safety Controllers for compressors are well equipped and highly classy

● These chillers come with extended warranty options which are up to 10 years

● Usage of Protocols for easy interface with BMS

● Installation is super easy

● Equipped with advanced compressor based on H-smart microprocessor

● Intelligent management and clean energy

● Availability of AMC options along with site support for the entire life of the equipment.

Warkin Equipments Private Limited is among the pre-eminent Process water chiller suppliers in India as their products are effective, efficient, competent and proficient. Their equipment can even work under harsh and hostile conditions with smoothness. Let us move on to the types of chillers.

Types of Process water chiller :

These can be classified according to three types:-

●    Condenser Type: Under this category, we have two sub-categories depending upon the method used to eliminate heat from the process. These are:-

1. Air-Cooled Water Chiller: As the name itself suggests, it uses air as a medium and the amount of air eliminated depends on the rate of air flowing over the coils.

2. Water-Cooled Water Chiller: You may have got an idea that here Water is used as a medium and is used in large industrial plants.

●    Compressor Type: Depending upon the required cooling capacity, it is classified into:-

1. Centrifugal water chiller: These are preferred in applications that require high cooling loads because of their high capacity.

2. Screw water chiller: It is used to provide mechanical work for the vapor compression cycle and is a type of positive displacement compressor.

3. Scroll water chiller: These are used in small cooling applications and to increase their capacity in a chiller package, more scroll compressors can be used.

4. Reciprocating water chiller: This is an obsolete technology now because of its drawbacks.

Applications of Process water chiller:

● Laboratory equipment

● Anodizing plants

● Welding engineering

● Plastic processing

● Comfortable air conditioning

● Laser technology

● Medical processes

● Manufacturing of computer chips

● Plasma spray machines

● Hospitals and hospitality

● Pharmaceuticals

● Food processing industry

● Aeronautical test center

● Injection and blow molding machines  


As discussed above, water chillers are used in many industries be it medical, aeronautical, food and dye, etc. As they are used in all important industries, they are highly in demand. Warkin Equipment Private Limited is among the finest Process water chiller exporters in India.