The filter housing​is a versatile equipment to remove the foreign particles from process fluid with high flow rates under rigorous operating parameters. The Filter housing is a covering that surrounds a filter, it is a filter keeping unit. They are used for a wide range of fluids handling diverse flow capacities and we provide that can accommodate a good range of flow capacity. They are constructed of Shell, filter Elements, End Connections, tube sheet or holding rings, and gaskets.

Filter housing Construction requires a lot of experience to understand several aspects such as Operating pressure, Design of lowest pressure drop, Ease of usage, high filtration efficiency, etc.

Being one of the leading​ Filter housing manufacturers in India,​we design our filter housing considering all the above factors.

●    How to choose appropriate filter housing

It is a casing around filter Cartridges or Bags or Basket and is available in different sizes and styles. Filter Housing design depends on several factors and to choose the best filter for your filtration system, you need to know

-> Flow Rate

-> Level of Filtration required

-> Operating Pressure

-> Operating Temperature

->  Filtration Rating

->  Contaminant to be removed

->  Type of duty: inlet,particulate,coalescing,bypass,fast loop,membrane

●    Working

Unfiltered fluid enters through the inlet nozzle of the housing which directs the flow to the filter cartridge or bag put inside. The filter cartridge or bag separates the contaminants from the fluid. Later, the clear fluid comes out from the outlet nozzle.

●    Applications of Filter Housing

As one of the largest Filter Housing suppliers in Indiafor numerous companies, our offered product is used for applications that include fuel filters, oil filters, sanitary filter housing, machine coolant, pharmaceutical, power plants, etc.

They are available in a wide variety of materials like SS, polyethylene, and more, for different applications, to ensure there is a product for the most specialized applications.

●    Types of Filter Housing

We, at GTS Filters And Systems,​offer Filter Housings for various industrial applications including cartridge filter housing, bag filter housing, and other filter systems.

>Cartridge Filter Housings: They are used for a wide variety of fluids handling various flow capacities. Our Cartridge Filter Housing Can handle flow rate up to 2000 M3/Hr

->Bag filter Housing:​They are used where the filter is to be designed for a high flow rate and high dirt holding capacity. They are useful for applications where there is a high suspended solid load in the fluid and a high flow rate.

->Basket Strainer: They are used for a variety of fluids or applications where the suspended particles are to be retained of any size and offer a flow rate up to 2000 M3/Hr.

->Polypropylene Filter Housings are used in corrosive/saline liquid processing.

We design the most innovative liquid filtration systems in the industry. We will work with you to find the ideal filter housing for your application needs. If you have questions, contact us today.