Where will the fan be able to work in summer now? If you are also looking for a cooler market in Delhi then definitely read this article of ours.

In a city like Delhi, the heat and winter are so severe that what to tell you? Well, the people living in Delhi know this very well. For example, take this time only, the winter had just ended in February when the heat came all of a sudden. This heat also made people’s life miserable.

Trouble starts coming out in the hot sun and heat, and when traveling and reaching your home or office, only then do you get relief. Where does the fan come in handy in summer anyway? Without a cooler and AC, it is very difficult to bear the heat of Delhi. Now there are some people who cannot have AC. A cooler is a great option for them. Although now coolers have also started coming very expensive, then what to do?

If you live or have been living in Delhi, you would know that Delhi has a specific market for everything. So let us also know about these cheap markets of coolers in Delhi-NCR today.

Ajmeri Gate Market

If you want to get any of your items polished, buy or sell any furniture, etc., then this market in Delhi can be a good option. Not only this but there is also a cooler market here, from where you can buy branded and affordable coolers. In this market, you will also get second-hand and new coolers at a good price. Let us tell you that the price of the cooler here starts from Rs.2000. Not only this, but the road from Ajmeri Gate in Delhi also leads to Sadar Bazaar and Chawri Bazaar which are the most famous markets in Delhi. You can explore many things around here.

Sector-45 Gurgaon Market

Since we have to tell you about the cheap cooler market of Delhi NCR in this article, then also know about this market of Gurgaon. There are many such shops in Sector-45’s Plot-450 where you will find all the electronic items. There are many such shops here, where you can buy branded coolers as well. You will also find coolers from 12 liters to 80 liters of capacity here. If your budget is three to four thousand then this place is right for you.

Bawana Market

Now you must be thinking that where is this Bawana in Delhi? There is a Bawana area in the northwest District of Delhi, where you will find coolers at cheap prices. There is a different range of different types of coolers, big and small, and in many shops here, coolers start at a price of Rs 1900. In this market, you will find coolers according to wholesale, retail, and pieces. Good quality and affordable price coolers will be available here from the main market.

Jaffrabad Market

You must know about Seelampur Market in Delhi. Near it is Jaffrabad, where there is a big and good market for coolers. Here you will also find all the variety of coolers. There is a separate section of coolers in this market, where you will find everything from mini to tower coolers. Along with this, metal, plastic, and fiber body air coolers and daggers, and coolers will also be found here. You will get the price of a mini cooler in this market from 1400 which can go up to 20 thousand.

Harola Market

This Market is located in Noida Sector-5 and it is the biggest market in that area. Although this market is very popular for furniture, if you want electronics at the right price around Noida, then this market can be explored. There are many variants of air coolers as well as desert coolers available here, whose price starts from Rs 1500.

No matter where you live in Delhi now, we hope these markets will satisfy your search for an affordable cooler market.