We are sure that at one time or another, your parlor sister or aunt must have asked you to get a bikini wax! Things like it doesn’t hurt much it’s very important for you everybody gets it done these days might have forced you to get a bikini wax done but you don’t have to worry. Getting a bikini wax should be completely your own decision not at all because of whether your friends are getting it done or the parlor sister is after you.

But if you want to get a bikini wax done on your own and you have never tried it before, then you must know some things.

What is bikini wax?

As the name suggests this is the process of waxing your bikini area that is hair removal from the private area. Many people prefer to remove their pubic hair with shaving hair removal creams and trimmers instead of waxing but like body hair waxing is the long term solution for this part too. People also resort to laser or electrolysis for permanent removal.

Is it necessary to have a bikini wax?

Not at all! If someone tells you so, then there is absolutely no need to believe his words. Like the rest of the body, removing hair from your private parts is completely optional. Only you and only you have the right to take its decision. As we mentioned earlier you can choose other options according to your need and convenience.

What are the methods of removing pubic hair?

Regular bikini waxing

This is the most common method of removing hair from the private parts, but the results are not always as good as you would expect. This is an effective method for short hair that only removes hair from the panty line. This method is fine for the first time or just for clean-up.


This method is a little more painful than regular waxing. In this, the hair is removed from every part of the private part even from the butt crack leaving just a triangular patch of hair at the front. Follow these steps for a completely clean smooth and hair-free bikini line.


It’s almost identical to the Brazilian one, except that it doesn’t remove the hair from the butt crack and leaves a lighter patch of hair in the front above the vaginal bone.

Hollywood or Barbie doll

This is the way to remove every single hair of your private parts. After this type of hair removal process, there is no hair left on your bikini line, butt crack and any part of the vagina.

And what are the things to keep in mind?

  • Do yoga or stretching before waxing. Due to this, there will be flexibility in the muscles of the feet during waxing and it will be easy to get waxing done. Do not do heavy work out for 1-2 days after waxing.
  • If you are going to get bikini waxing for the first time or after a long time, then trim the hair. By doing this, the hair will come out quickly & easily.
  • Take special care of hygiene. Make sure the waxing applicator or spatula is clean and don’t use reusable strips.
  • Ask your parlor to work on small sections. Trying to remove too much hair at once can lead to hair build up and rashes.
  • If you do not tolerate the pain at all, then you can use numbing cream on that area. Please do a patch test before using it.
  • Do not get waxed 3-4 days before the period starts and 3-4 days after the end, during this time the skin is very sensitive and the pain is also more.
  • Do not wear tight undergarments for 2-3 days after waxing, doing so can cause rashes.
  • For rashes, pain and irritation after waxing, apply aloe vera gel and wrap the ice in a cloth and apply it on the area.

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