With electricity, you can study under a tube light, warm up water during winters, and enjoy hours and hours of television. Like everything else, electrical maintenance is also a crucial element and should be known to each of us while dealing with electricity. you can hire the best electrician or the agency expert if you want to go for professional domestic or commercial maintenance.  If it is a major electrical issue that a professional can only fix, then it is worth the wait. But, if it is a small issue that can be resolved without the need of a professional, all of us need to incorporate basic electrical maintenance tips.

Educating and making ourselves aware of such maintenance tips is going to help us in practical life. This doesn’t need any extra skill or technical know-how. It just needs common sense and cautionary measures.

This article will lay down five basic electrical maintenance skills that we should incorporate within ourselves and not wait for professional assistance at all times.

Five Basic Electrical Maintenance Tips

  1. Safety First

First and foremost, before you start working on electrical maintenance, you have to ensure maximum safety for yourself. Unplug the electrical item you are working on or just switch off the power. This lies for the smallest of small maintenance works, be it changing the tube light or working on your bathroom geyser. Right from home wiring to major earthing solutions, checking of automobile electricity, and condition of electrical appliances, there are multiple works that an electrician can do for you.

  1. Extension Cords

Most of the houses and offices have extension cords as they are quite helpful. But at the same time, they can be quite dangerous. Extension cords are best suited for temporary work, not for permanent situations. If you use extension cords for a long duration, then it can cause damage to wires and outlets.

If you feel that you will have to use extension cords for a longer time, it is best to call in a professional and have new outlets installed in your office, home, or wherever you need them.

  1. Repairing Damaged Power Cords

This is a very important thing that needs to be noted and followed. If you find that the protective cover on your wire has been stripped off, then do not ignore it. These are live wires and can cause accidents, both major and minor.

  1. Do not Overload a Single Outlet

Use your electronics and outlets wisely and properly. Every outlet is made up of some amount of energy, and hence if you plug in too many appliances into a single outlet, it won’t be able to take that much pressure. It can be very unsafe and cause accidents. Plugging and drawing the right amount of power supply is an integral task. The maintenance must also take into consideration frequent power cuts.

  1. Protecting Children From Electrical Hazards

Children have the most curious minds and tend to touch things they find interesting or catch their eye. If you have children at your place, the first thing that you should do is go to the market and get some tamper-resistant safety caps to be put over electrical outlets.


Electrical maintenance and safety are very important when you have so many electrical appliances and gadgets at your home. Not every time can you call in a professional for help. There are some things which one can manage. But if you feel that in any situation, whatever be the issue, you are not able to trust upon your skill, then it is best advised to get professional help who will solve your problem!