Good food habits that can help you stay healthy & beautiful Tips

Start the morning with a glass of hot water with honey and/or lemon juice

This procedure should be your daily ritual before breakfast. You can start eating 20-30 minutes after it. What can this useful habit give? Water, taken on an empty stomach, helps your body to wake up, starts the process of digestion, metabolism, improves the functioning of the pancreas, and strengthens the bile secretion. In its turn, honey has a stimulating effect on the liver and bile ducts, and the lemon acts as a neutralizer for those with increased gastric acidity, and for those who have it reduced. Accordingly, water with lemon juice has a beneficial effect on the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

 Never drink the food down

Drinking water should be strictly 20-30 minutes before meals. If you, over the years, have developed the habit of putting a plate on the table next to a glass of water, you must urgently say goodbye to it, as it greatly slows down digestion. Drinking is necessary either before the meal, or an hour after it. Half an hour before you can afford not only plain water but also green tea. By the way, this ritual will help to lose weight: the liquid will fill the stomach, and you are guaranteed to eat less.

Drink more

Everyone knows the fact that a person needs to drink at least two liters of water a day. However, not everyone does it. Why is it so important to drink water? It’s simple: the lack of fluid leads to a set of excess weight, edema (when the body understands that you drink little, it starts storing moisture), the formation of stones in the gallbladder and kidneys. Insufficient water intake can provoke cystitis, premature appearance of wrinkles, and other female troubles. What and how to drink? You need to take plain water without gas.

There is no need to absorb it with glasses 2-3 times at a time (water will not fill every cell of your body, but will simply be excreted by the kidneys), it is more appropriate to drink in small sips, but as often as possible. Nutritionists even advise to hang stickers with reminders – “Drink water!” – wherever you often go: at home in the kitchen and in the bedroom, in the office (for example, attach them to a computer monitor), etc. If you have a tendency to edema (the cause of which must be checked with the doctor), then most of the water should be consumed in the morning: it is not necessary to drink water before bed.

Eating sweet after the meal is not allowed

We all like to have a cup of coffee with candy after a hearty dinner. Tea with a cake is another option. However, it is all in vain! Sweet, as you know, spoil the body. Nevertheless, the main problem is that carbohydrates, getting into our stomach in the final meal, begin to be digested first. In addition, even if you eat properly (a salad of vegetables with olive oil), you will not be able to lose extra pounds. You will gain weight. Therefore, drinking coffee with candy is not necessary immediately after eating, but a couple of hours after. By the way, you can make even a separate small meal out of this: something like a tea party at 5 o’clock.

Fruits should be eaten before the meal, and not after

Eat fruits before the main meal or during breaks. For example, arrange a light snack with fruit. Why? In combination with other foods, fruits can “block” the stomach, cause bloating, constipation, and even poisoning. Fruits have good absorption of water: if you eat them immediately after dinner, you will feel the fullness of the stomach and discomfort. In addition, the fruit eaten after the main meal is used to increase the volume of the stomach, which means that next time you can eat even more. Consequently, fruit after lunch is a guaranteed weight gain and digestive problems.

No carbonated drinks and packaged juices

If you care about proper nutrition, the first thing to forget about is the consumption of sugary drinks. Just think: a bottle of any lemonade, even diet cola, contains a daily sugar rate. The same applies to packaged juices. Moreover, do not forget about the number of artificial additives in such beverages.

No skim milk products

In products with a declared fat content of 0%, the most valuable component is missing, for which, in fact, we buy these products: they do not contain calcium. Remember, the higher the fat content, the more calcium is contained in cottage cheese and other dairy products. This is the first important thing. Second: If the product is not fat, then its place is occupied by carbohydrates. Consequently, to lose weight on low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt and yogurt is not possible! Fat in certain amounts is useful and necessary for the body, for its proper functioning, for example, the production of the same collagen, which does not allow us to grow old early.

Therefore, use sour-milk products with at least a minimal fat content: they are more useful. As for milk, then, of course, it is an irreplaceable source of calcium, but the older we become, the less this product should be consumed. There is even a term like “milky face”. It refers to people who consume this product too much: their faces have traces of swelling under the eyes, they have swollen eyelids, pimples, spots, etc. Why does the milk affect this way? Lactose is to be blamed, because it is more difficult for an adult organism to assimilate than for a child.

Of course, it is difficult to create new food habits. It is even more difficult to give up those habits that you got used to over the years. However, if you think about proper nutrition, then start with something small: give up the most harmful habits, control the amount of water you drink, do not overeat. This minimum will already change your body and life for the better. However, you should change your habits wisely.

For example, people think that if they give up sugar and use only sugar substitutes, they can get rid of excess kilograms. First, sugar is not the only reason for extra calories. Restriction of only one component in the diet will not produce a result. Secondly, using a sweet drink with a sweetener, a person deceives his body. The taste receptors feel sweet, but at the same time, the body does not get the amount of calories that usually corresponds to this sensation. Thus, it will make us still get this energy additionally with the help of a feeling of hunger. That is, frequent use of drinks with sugar substitute can lead to the fact that the feeling of hunger increases, which leads to overeating. Overeating – to excess kilograms.

One more example: people think that if the product is fat-free, they will not get fat from it. Most of the low-fat foods have a high sugar content (read the formulation on the label!) in order to improve the taste. The instructions on the label that the product is “dietary”, “does not contain fat,” etc. – no more than the tricks of marketers. Therefore, it will be difficult to lose weight on light carbonated drinks, cereal breakfast, and protein bars.

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