The Best Platform to Build a Website for Your Business on Google for Free

Wix is ​​one of the best options if you want to make a website for your business on google then free me. It already has millions of websites. It is a website builder, Wix is ​​an essay platform that will provide you facilities by which you can create your own website without coding knowledge hue.

Important Features by Wix:

Modern Template: A template is a ready-made sample website, which you can change to make your website. This template is customizable.

These are some of the templates you need to create a website related to coaching, to choose a template called “Coaching Professional”.

Wix will find hundreds of pre-designed collections and that too for free. The design available across this is 100% customizable or you will also be provided with a lot of customization tools that are available to make the APK website attractive or attractive.

ADI: This website builder is most successful because of ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence), which allows users an easy or quick website editing process. This feature automates the web design process or helps the user to create a personalized layout structure.

Editor: The editor will be the platform where you can make changes to the template you choose. The editor will be a tool through which you will be able to make these changes. Those who do not have to use ADI tools can also use the editor. You can develop your website on your own with the drag and drop feature of ISS Editor. The preview option is also available in this so that you can see the preview of your website. If you use this, then you will also be in charge of your website development process.

Blogging: A blog is like an article that reflects the work or achievements of your business. The blog can also be like a detailed explanation. Wix comes with an interesting blogging feature where you can add, update and delete any full-featured blogs. In this, you can post or schedule article publication. Along with this, you can also interact with the customer or get to know them by enabling the commenting feature as well.

eCommerce: eCommerce sells similar acronyms or buy acronyms online. This website builder also comes with an eCommerce engine that you can use to create a small-to-midsize online store. These features provide products to add/update, shipment/tax parameters, discount coupons, and bonuses, etc.

Wix is ​​a very beneficial platform overall but there is only one thing that you might not like and that is, the free plan of Wix website development comes with a lot of ads and it is a bit sticky or even irrelevant. Apart from this, the URL you get is also a bit long, which can be difficult for me to remember.

UKit – Powerful Website Builder for Your Business Website

YouKit is a powerful CMS platform for small business development. This platform has been designed keeping in mind the small and medium business, so it comes with an exclusive feature set that allows you to easily create a website for business.

uKit website builder is a flexible, intuitive web design approach or amazingly easy-to-use and convenient platform. Along with this it does or also provide the feature.

Important Features by Yukit:

Free Template Collection: YouKit website builder gives you the choice of tons of responsive free templates that are customizable. Along with this it also provides a drag and drops editor for easy development. It provides a feature through which you can change the template of the website at any point of development.

Free SSL Certificate: Through the ISS platform you can also look into website security as it connects you to SSL certification. This is also a free feature that helps with additional website security, especially when confidential or paid information is mentioned on your website.

Website Management Rights: This feature simplifies the process of website development for those who work in teams. This will allow you to grant temporary development rights, to a certain number of users. The same users will work together on the project. In addition to preventing damages, it also automatically creates backup versions of your project which is another advantage of the website builder.

Its paid plans are also very good or you can also get a discount with a coupon code. Starting with a 14-day free trial, you’re subscribed to a paid plan after that. Paid plans also come with multiple benefits. You can open the most suitable or reasonably priced plan to choose for your business website.

WordPress –

WordPress is a very popular free content management system that was initially launched for blogging purposes but later evolved to all web-based projects.

This website builder slightly differs from the rest of the builders in terms of complexity or degree of customization to me. It can be a bit difficult for non-developers but it is a very good platform for developers.

Important Features by WordPress:

Plugin Integration: A plugin is a software that provides you with some additional functionality. In WordPress, you also have the option to add plugins or there are already plugins available, which you can use to download them for your site.

WordPress stands out or is popular because of the extensive plugin integration it provides to allow the system to be used for all-in-one website building. That’s why it can be used to create projects of all types. It is a capable tool that can create a full-featured professional/personal website without any coding knowledge.

Important Plugins:

Yoast SEO: This plugin is very important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) google search result to forward the website.

Table of Contents: It is very important to show the important point of the article in index form.

UpdraftPlus: Used to back up and restore websites.

Super Cache: This is important for the cache of the website or the speed of this site also increases.

Akismet Anti Spam: This plugin blocks spam, blocks spam comments.

Template Choices: This is a set of fully customizable templates, you can also browse through the exterior designs they provide that best suit your business. Along with this, you are also given customization tools and features for a personalized look.

Hosting and Domain: WordPress does not do any hosting and domain. It’s totally up to you to choose the hosting, domain names, and plans you like. For hosting, Bluehost is the most suitable solution. This solution is WordPress recommended or also provides faster speed.

WordPress is very popular for its affordability. Its plan is also very reasonable, it is also very helpful in developing your business website with multiple benefits.

Use These Platforms Find How To Create Website For Free Me Business On Google Or Design Website That Can Make Your Business Very Successful.

Domain name and hosting for website

Now that you have selected the platform on which you have to develop the website, the next step would be to select the domain name or hosting.

The domain name is basically the name of your website. It’s that “www.” is the name of the user by which the user can access your website. Example: me ”” is a domain name purchased by the website owner.

Domain name is very important for your business brand or popularity. No subdomain is acceptable here because it will negatively impact promotion me.

Choosing a domain name for a business website is a very important step. So while choosing a domain name, remember these points:

Simple: The domain name should be simple, accurate or easy to remember.

Identity: The domain name should not be in a senseless combination of letters or numbers. Instead, it should contain phrases or words that are related to your business in some way.

Length: Do not keep the domain name long. The shorter it is, the easier it is for the user to remember me.

Brand Reputation: Your domain name will be the reflection of your brand identity, so it will be better your brand name or product name reflect me to withstand the competition too.

You will find many companies to buy domain names but some well-known domain name providers are:


Namecheap :

Big Rock :

Net4 India :

Square Brothers:

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