Summer vacations are here and all the parents are thinking how to keep their kids engaged. Children living at home get bored very quickly. The truth is that at this time you can spend precious time with your sweetheart and give them a lifetime memory. This break will be of great use to them apart from the routine of going to school every day. All you need is to have fun with them and keep engaging them during these summer vacations. Then how these summer vacations will pass, I don’t know. Let us know about some such fun activities, which can be helpful in keeping your sweetheart engaged.

Art and Craft –

Art and Craft is one such indoor activity in which children get to learn something new every day. From finger painting to blow painting, paper quilling, there is a lot to do in DIY. Help can be taken from YouTube for Art and Craft. Remember that even if the result of art and craft may not be very beautiful, it is important that you are getting to spend time with your child and also let them learn new things.

Pottery Making

Pottery making is a calming activity that must be taught to children. It also improves hand and eye coordination of children. Along with this, a sense of patience also comes in the children. This also increases his imagination as he brings out the ideas going on in his mind through pottery making. After the holidays are over, these pots can be kept at home as a memorabilia.


Children learn to care by being close to trees and plants. This is the right time to learn it because they have plenty of time too. If you want, take them to the nearest nursery and ask them to get the plants of their choice. Ask them to ask the nurseries for tips on how to take care of the plant. This way they will find themselves close to the plants and taking care of them.

Water Activity

To keep the heat out, swimming can be fun. For this, you can go to the society or nearby swimming pool together or you can also book for a few days in any resort, where swimming pool facility is available. Apart from this, you can even have an air swimming pool for young children at home. There are many other activities related to water, in which children enjoy. For example, cleaning the car by soaking a colorful sponge in soapy water or cleaning the bins in the kitchen. There will be work and there will be fun too.


Cooking with kids can be a fun activity. Many children also enjoy cooking. Even if your child does not enjoy cooking, he should be taught basic cooking. All kids will surely enjoy making chocolate cake. Or help her by making her a recipe of her choice and giving her the job of an assistant while preparing it. In this way healthy eating habit will also come in them.


Children should have the habit of reading. Summer vacations are the right time when you can inculcate the habit of reading in your kids. In the beginning you have to study with him, then gradually he will learn too. Picture story book is perfect for starters, this will keep them curious to see the pictures. A session can also be held to read the colorful book and then listen to the story from it later.

Music Class – Music Class

Music is a wonderful thing for children too, it has a positive effect on them. You can enroll your sweetheart in a music class of his choice. Be it learning an instrument or learning a vocal, music allows kids to take breaks and let them explore their interests. One can choose between traditional Indian music and western music as per the choice of your child. Dance classes are also an option if she doesn’t like singing or playing an instrument. Children learn co-ordination skills through dance and also increase their confidence.

Self Defense

Outdoor activities are also a must during the summer holidays. In today’s time every child should know how to protect himself. In such a situation, what can be better than self-defense. The best idea is to introduce kids to it during the holidays. Karate, Kung Fu, Judo and Taekwondo, there are many options for learning in self-defense. There are many other benefits to the children because of this, their confidence increases.

Sleepover – Sleep Over

Sleepovers help children develop independent and social skills. At the same time, the fun and bonding with friends also becomes great. If you want, you can invite your child’s friends to your home for sleep power. Cheerful themes, tasty food, games and fun-filled conversations can be put in place to make their sleepovers fun. This will be a wonderful break for the other mom as well and she won’t be able to say thank you to you.

Road Trip

So many things can be learned from traveling, which is not easy to imagine. Especially when road trips are taken, children get a chance to see and understand many things up close. Whether traveling to another city to meet an extended family or simply for a walk, traveling for children has a healing effect on them.

Bottom Line

During the summer holidays, there are many activities that can be done for children, which improve their personality and make them more confident. These memories of summer activities will be etched in his mind forever.