Civil servants, also known as public servants, play vital roles in diverse sectors, including education, healthcare, and government management. They are the backbone of our society, and their work is essential to ensuring our well-being

Civil servants are not servants. Servants is the term used since the British Raj and is quite degrading. We are Kaamwalas, not Naukriwalas. We are proud of the work we do, and we will no longer use outdated terms that diminish our contributions to society. 

So, let’s shift our language to celebrate the pride and dignity of the government kaam and believe in these principles and empower individuals to be proud of their contributions to society. By providing job seekers with a platform to showcase their talents in a visual format, and are helping civil servants celebrate their work and connect with new opportunities.

Now, let’s delve into the enduring appeal of government jobs.

IAS & IPS  – The Indian Administrative Services (IAS) is the apex government position in the country, requiring applicants to pass a rigorous government test. IAS officers enjoy perks such as government-approved housing and mobility through provided automobiles. Similarly, IPS officers, serving both state and federal governments, hold esteemed positions, offering a well-paying career with many benefits and perks.

Defence Services – Careers in the military, acquired through examinations like NDA, AFCAT, and CDS, come with challenges and excitement. The risks are significant, but the benefits are substantial. Individuals in the armed forces, from Lieutenants to flying officers and subordinates, receive a range of benefits, including a free ration allowance, post-retirement pension, uniform distribution, free transportation, and even opportunities for their children’s education in other countries.

Indian Foreign Services – Officers in the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) are selected through Civil Service examinations by the UPSC. These officers represent the nation abroad, dedicating a significant part of their careers to foreign service. In addition to their regular salaries, they may receive stipends to cover the cost of living in foreign nations.

Government College Professors, RBI Officers, Scientists, and Doctors

These professionals enjoy attractive remuneration and various luxuries in their respective fields.

Benefits offered:

  • Good SalaryGovernment jobs, being skill-based, come with competitive salaries.
  • Job Security – Unparalleled job security is a hallmark of government positions. 
  • Free Health Care – The government covers all medical expenses, ensuring comprehensive health coverage. 
  • Work-life Balance – Government employees can maintain a healthy work-life balance, contributing to overall well-being.
  • Pension, Perks, and Bonus – Additional benefits, including pension plans and perks, make government jobs financially rewarding and secure.


The charm of government jobs lies not just in their financial rewards but in the comprehensive package of stability, benefits, and opportunities they offer. Skill-based, prestigious, and secure, these positions represent more than just employment—they symbolise a commitment to public service and a fulfilling career choice.

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