If you want to increase your productivity by making yourself healthy and fit while working from home, then you should also focus on the way you eat.

As sweta as the term work from home sounds, it is actually not. Working from home not only do women face challenges in balancing work and home, but it also affects their eating habits. These days most of the women are doing work from home. Generally, people feel that things are easier for them while at home, whereas it is not. There is no fixed time for women to eat and drink while staying at home.

In fact, when she used to go to the office earlier, she used to get up early in the morning and prepare breakfast and lunch, so that she used to have lunch at the appointed time in the office and take breaks in between work. But while at home, he shifts from online meetings to meeting deadlines to breakfast brunch and lunch into evening snacks. It cannot be known. This affects their health. In such a situation, it is important that even while staying at home, you pay attention to your food and eating. So, today we are telling you some easy tips, by adopting which you can keep your eating habits healthy during work from home

Plan miles

Sometimes women are so busy with their work that they skip their miles. That is why it is very important that you plan your meals at the beginning of the day. Even if you are at home, make a habit of getting up early as usual and enjoy your breakfast.

Also, prepare for the afternoon well in advance. For example, if you want, make roti and vegetables in advance. This will not miss your lunch. Also, ensure your eating time during work from home as well.

Reduce snacking

It often happens that when we feel hungry in the middle of work and do not have time to make something, then we go to the kitchen and eat biscuits, chips or namkeen, etc. Change this habit of yours. As far as possible, insist on healthy snacking. You should also keep nuts, makhana, and fruits, etc. in your kitchen so that when you feel hungry, you choose a relatively healthy option.

focus on portion

These days you are working from home, so your physical activity must have been less than before. In such a situation, overeating or consuming more calories can increase your weight.

So you focus on the portion of your plane. An easy way to do this is to include 1/2 plate of vegetables, 1/4th carbs or grains, 1/4th protein, and 150- 200ml of milk in your diet.

Drink plenty of water

Sitting at a computer table for a long time can make you feel tired and headache. One of the reasons for this can also be the lack of hydration. So always keep water on your work table. This will definitely make you drink more water. Try to drink more water in between meals, and less with meals.

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