In the second wave of corona infection in India, cases are increasing so fast that patients are not getting beds in the hospital. In the midst of the tsunami of Corona, health experts say that 80 percent of the infection patients do not need to be admitted to the hospital. They can be cured in home isolation. For a long time, a patient infected with the corona can have its side effects. In the second wave of infection, it is seen that the infected person is getting heart damage.

An Oxford Journal study on corona infection has revealed that nearly fifty percent of patients with severe infections have had heart damage after about a month of recovery. This is the reason why Corona-infected patients are dying of heart attack after recovering. The study says that even after recovering the infected person should keep his heart rate checked. Ignoring or neglecting it can be quite expensive.

The effect of infection triggers inflammation in the body. Because of this, the muscles of the heart become weaker than before, due to which the heartbeat is affected and the blood starts to accumulate. On the other hand, the virus directly attacks the body’s one receptor cells. Which affects the myocardium tissue deep inside it. If they are not maintained in time, a heart attack can occur at any time. This can add more trouble for those who are already suffering from heart disease.

Health experts say the second wave is significantly more deadly than the first wave of Corona. Last time, where only 10 to 15 percent of corona infected patients came to the heart for problems related to inflammation after recovery. At the same time, their number has increased from 20 to 25 percent.

Symptoms of heart attack

The person may have fatigue, difficulty in breathing before a heart attack occurs. Swelling of the feet can occur, while the heartbeat increases. There is no appetite and frequent urination. The person is unable to do any work. He feels weakness.

What to do when symptoms appear

If you also have these symptoms then contact the doctor. Do not start treatment at home by becoming a doctor yourself. Consult a doctor immediately.