heat exchanger is generally used in case of transferring heat between two or more fluids. For example, a hydraulic oil cooler carries the heat from hot oil with the help of cold water or air. Heat exchanger manufacturers in India manufacture them from sturdy and strong materials that have no moving parts. Heat exchangers can work at a variety of different temperatures and pressures. The workability of a heat exchanger is very much dependent upon the way it is used. A shell and tube heat exchanger moves the fluids by and over the tubes while compared to air-cooled heat exchangers that pass cool air through the bottom of fins to cool a liquid. Working pieces of equipment Pvt limited are Heat Exchanger suppliers in India. Depending based on heat exchanger involving the heat transferring process can be of three types, including

  • Gas to gas
  • Liquid to gas
  • Liquid to liquid.

Double pipe heat exchangers are the best and simplest exchangers that are used in various industries. These heat exchangers are cheap for both maintenance and design, establishing them as a good choice for small industries. Besides this, they have low efficiency and high space, consisting in a wide-scale that makes them be utilized in large scale in those modern and advanced industries heat exchangers such as shell and tube or plate.

There are several types of heat exchangers. Some of them are described below:

  • Shell and tube – Shell and tube exchangers are made of many small tubes placed in a cylindrical shell. The tubes are held into the cylinder applying a tube bundle with stable tube plates or an extensible tube stack. This permits the tube bundle to be shifted effortlessly for maintaining and cleaning the exchanger. This type of heat exchanger seems to be the tube box, shell, and baffles, or fin. There are several types of baffles, and the options of baffle form, spacing, and geometry are dependent upon permitting the flow rate of the drop in shell-side force. There are different types of shell and tube heat exchangers available. The arrangement of flow configuration and the details of heat exchanger construction made the difference between each other.
  • Air-cooled – This type of exchanger is used in vehicles that have no permanent cooler water source. A combi – a cooler that combines the engine water cooler, charge air cooler, and oil cooler into an individual unit, making it concise and improving capability. A fan gives cool air, or else we can get the airflow when the vehicle is in its motion.
  • Plate type – This exchanger works in a quite similar process to the shell and tube heat exchanger. The compact stainless steel makes it accurate to use refrigerants or in the food and beverage industry. Compared to shell and tube exchangers, the plate type has a lower volume at an affordable price.
  • Uses:

The heat exchangers are widely used in various fields. Some of them are as follows:

  • Space heating
  • Power station
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Refrigeration
  • Petroleum refining equipment
  • Air conditioning
  • Chemical plants
  • Natural gas processing
  • Sewage treatment
  • Examples:

One of the most common examples of a heat exchanger is found in an internal annealing engine in which the cooler flows by radiator coils and air flows by the coils. The heat transferring process takes place by the solid separator that resists the mixing of the fluids.

Another example is the heat sink, which is an inert heat exchanger. This transfers the heat generated by any electronic or mechanical device to a liquid medium, more often air or a liquid coolant.

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