If you are planning your honeymoon in Goa, then definitely read the personal experience of this couple once.

Goa is world-famous for its beautiful beaches. Glittering sand, sky-high coconut trees, sea waves, and splendid seafood… it all settles in the eyes just by mentioning the name of Goa. If your wedding is also going to happen in this season, then you may also be planning your honeymoon in Goa and are thinking of taking a travel package to make your honeymoon memorable, but before planning anything, you should consider this couple. One must read about the Honeymoon Experience in Goa. This will also make it easier for you to do travel planning.

My good friends Sweta and shahid Kapoor both got married in a hurry and so they didn’t get much time to plan their honeymoon.

If this is the case with you too, then you can correct your honeymoon planning by learning from some mistakes related to the personal experience of these two, and with some of their advice, you can make your honeymoon memorable. Let’s know from them about their honeymoon experience in Goa.

Don’t Always Trust Online Hotels

We had done online hotel booking before going to Goa. But it was not in reality as it was in the photo and on the Internet.

After reaching Goa, it was felt that it would have been better if the hotel had come and booked here, or else before booking the hotel, you would have checked its review on social media sites.

Google Maps Isn’t Always Right

We took the help of Google Maps while returning from Calangute beach to Vasco at 1.30 pm.

But thanks to Google Maps, we lost our way and had to complete our journey of 45 km on an empty road in 2 hours, which was very deserted and scary too.

Stay away from some people

You will also find some people on the crowded beaches of Goa who will entice you in the name of Goa water sports. Attempts will be made to extort money from you in the name of the Banana rides, bumper rides, and parasailing. In the name of sports, the local people will do whatever they want and without security, you will be thrown in the middle of the sea.

We were also excited after visiting Goa for the first time. I sprained my neck due to a bad ride like a bumper ride and on the Banana ride, we were thrown into the sea without any warning. While the life jacket was useless, we could have drowned.

Hot weather in December

Due to being situated on the seashore, Goa has had hot weather for 12 months. Even in the month of December, the situation was such that we became troubled by the heat while roaming in the afternoon and tanning happened on the body so differently.

Pro tip: If you follow some free advice, then your honeymoon will be very fun

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The hotel location should be better

Before making a hotel, take special care of its distance and location from the tourist place. There are more places to visit in North Goa but when we stayed in the South, there was a problem.

There are many options for Vegetarian people

 It is said that there are not many food options for vegetarians in Goa, but we did not think so. From South to North, we found many vegetarian restaurants.

Goa’s nightlife is different

The sea always looks good in the morning and in the evening, but at night it has a different experience. The sound of the waves of the sea and the songs playing on the beach increases the magnificence of the night-life there manifold.

Find quiet beaches for romantic moments

Domestic and foreign tourists roam more in Goa in the North area. But there are some beaches in South Goa, which are not full of tourists but are very beautiful and quiet. There is a Japanese Garden beach in the south, whose beauty will mesmerize you. Here we spent the most romantic and memorable moments of our honeymoon, which witnessed sea waves, hills, oysters on the sand, and a small beautiful Shiva temple.