Today Youtube has become an easy way of earning. To learn how to earn money from Youtube, people search on Google – how to earn money from youtube, How to make a youtube channel. Keeping this in mind, today we have brought you the method of earning on Youtube. Read this post completely, follow it and you too will be able to earn lakhs of rupees like other Youtubers.

How to make a youtube channel?

Well, nowadays everyone has a Gmail account, but if you do not have a Gmail account, then you can go to the Gmail app of your smartphone and create a Gmail account.

With this Gmail account, you have to create a channel on Youtube. For this, you have to login to or the youtube app of your smartphone with this Gmail account. With this, your Youtube Channel will be ready.

How to choose a youtube channel category

This is the most important step to success on Youtube. First of all, you have to decide what you will show to people through your Youtube Channel. You can choose the content as per your interest. You can attract people to your YouTube channel by giving information about a service or by showing a review of a product.

Apart from this, you can also put on your Youtube channel by making videos related to cooking new dishes, telling about a tourist place, strange facts, etc. Keep in mind that the theme with which you have created your YouTube channel, stick to the same theme. Keep bringing new content in front of people without being afraid of initial failure.

What to name youtube channel

  • Channel name is very important on Youtube. Name your channel like this
  • Keep Youtube channel name short.
  • Be interesting to read and listen to the name of the Youtube Channel.
  • Easily remember the name of the Youtube Channel.
  • The name should show the category and content of your Youtube Channel.

By the way, you can change the name of your Youtube channel any number of times. But we would ask you to stick with the same name. Change the name only if absolutely necessary. In the event of a name change, inform the audience about the reason for this. You can change the name of the Youtube Channel by going to Youtube Creator Studio.

How to customize a youtube channel

With the help of the Youtube Creator Studio, you can customize your Youtube Channel and give it a beautiful look. There you put an introductory video of your channel. Keep the length of this video to 3-5 minutes. In this, you give brief information about your channel. Put your channel’s logo and featured photo in Youtube Creator Studio itself. Channels with great logos attract more people.

Best camera and mic for the youtube channel

People like to watch videos in HD and have good sound quality. For this, it is important that you use good equipment. Keep in mind that expensive cameras and mics are not necessarily good.

You can also buy good equipment cheaply by searching well on amazon or Flipkart, reading reviews.

How to edit youtube channel videos

After recording the video, be sure to edit it. Cut out the parts of the video which are not good. Such music is also available in the youtube music library that you can use in your videos. Through this add sound effects to videos. Be sure to put your channel’s logo at the beginning of the video.

How to grow a youtube channel

When your channel is new then your videos will not get many views. In such a situation, you share your videos through various social media platforms. Share on Facebook. Share in Whatsapp groups. Appeal to your friends and relatives to share the videos as well. Ask them to like and comment. By doing this your views will increase and your channel will start growing slowly. The more people who see the videos of your YouTube channel, the more you will benefit.

How to monetize a youtube channel

As soon as 1000 Subscribers and 4000 hours of Watchtime will be completed on your Youtube Channel, you can Monetize your Youtube Channel.

For this, you have to apply by going to the monetization section of your channel. After this, you have to go to the website of Google Adsense and get the approval of Adsense there.

As soon as the approval is received, you can connect your YouTube channel to it. After this Google Advertisement will show among your Youtube Videos and you will start earning. In this Google Adsense, you have to enter your bank account details. Youtube will send money to your account between 21st to 25th of next month as soon as you reach $100.