Lathes are an integral machine tool used in the manufacturing field and we are one of the well-known Lathe Machine manufacturers in India. They encourage the operations of cutting, knurling, facing, and turning, among other items. Lathes rotate the workpiece at a high pace and drive the stationary cutter into the workpiece. With their origins in ancient Egypt, they are believed to be one of the earliest machine tools in the world.

Here in this blog, we are providing a brief overview of how lathes work.

  • Working

Although there are various types of Lathe Machine, they all employ a common mechanism by which the workpiece rotates against the cutting tool, the latter of which is stationary.

Lathes are designed to extract material from the workpiece by exposing it to a cutting instrument. Typically, the user places the workpiece into Chuck, which is attached to the spindle.

The chuck holds your workpiece in place, as it spins. The chuck is usually able to grip the part from the outside diameter, or if there is a hole large enough, the chuck can also grip the piece from an inner diameter. Now that the workpiece is spinning, an operator will bring their cutting tool up to and slowly cut away from the workpiece. Cutting tools are usually flat blades but can be other custom shapes.

The tool is locked into the tool holder, which will stop the tool from being flung out if the workpiece hits the tool too hard. The tool can travel up and down the axis of rotation using a carriage that slides up and down the length of the part. Carriage is a device used for carrying a moving part in the lathe machine.

The headstock is another extremely important component that holds the workpiece as it rotates. It also has a tailstock to which the workpiece can be secured. The tailstock is used for supporting the workpiece at the other end and is exceptionally used for large or long workpieces.

  • Types of Lathe Machine:

There are almost a bunch of lathes, each built for a different purpose

->A wood lathe is a type of lathe that’s designed specifically for woodworking applications. They work like other lathes by exposing a rotating workpiece to a stationary cutting tool. But they are not suitable for harder materials workpieces.

->There are metalworking lathes. Metals are generally harder than wood, so they require a stronger and sharper cutting tool than their woodworking counterparts.

->Glass-working lathe is used for glass workpieces. It’s used to make glasses and optical materials by exposing them to a stationary cutting tool.

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