In today’s Internet world, if you do not run Facebook, then it is a matter of great surprise. Facebook is a social media tool with the help of which we stay connected with each other. But apart from connecting and interacting with people, the question always remains in our mind that how to earn money from Facebook, if you have the same question in your mind, then let’s know the complete details. How to earn money with the help of Facebook.

The most important information to earn money from Facebook

If you want to earn money with the help of Facebook, then first of all know what you may need. Normally we only use Facebook Profile, but to earn money from Facebook, you will first need a Facebook Page, because it is not possible to earn money through Profile. Click here to create a Facebook page.

To earn money from Facebook, first, create a page

Facebook Page is a kind of interface that we can create on our profile itself, and after creating it, the work of adding people to it can be started. The most important difference between profile and page is that only 5000 friends can be added to the profile, whereas millions of people are connected to you on the page.

You can earn money in 2 ways only with the help of a Facebook page

  1. Video
  2. Article

How to make money from video on Facebook

You can use videos to earn money with the help of Facebook. If you are a good video creator then earning money is not a big deal for you. To earn money from videos on Facebook, you should have at least 10 thousand followers on your page, only then you can earn money by putting videos on it.

What kind of videos to put on Facebook to earn money

To earn money from Facebook it is not necessary that you need to make videos in any particular way. Rather, the most important thing is, what kind of content the audience likes more. While making a video, keep in mind that you are creating content that interests you and which you can make better.

If you can dance then make a dance video and if you can sing then make a video related to that. Money can be earned on Facebook from all types of videos, like- Dancing, Singing, Travel, Foodie, Sports, Comedy, and anything else you can do.

Facebook instream ads eligibility criteria 2021

Just as there is a criterion to monetize youtube channel, similarly Facebook also has a criterion. Eligibility Criteria for Facebook in-stream ads-

At least 10,000 followers on the page

At least 5 active videos on the page

600k watch time in 1 month

Monetize video from Facebook

Once you have started putting videos on the Facebook page and you have fulfilled the eligibility criteria, then you need to monetize your videos. To monetize the page, go to the Facebook creator studio and follow the on-screen instructions. Ads will start coming on your video as soon as you get the approval. When viewers see your videos, they will also see ads and this will start making money in your account.

Earn money from articles on Facebook

If you are interested in writing something more than making videos, then you can also earn money from Facebook by writing articles. To earn money from articles on Facebook, you have to keep these things in mind.

To earn money from articles on Facebook, first, create a website

To earn money from articles, first of all, you will need a website, with our suggestion, make a website on WordPress on which you can write your articles. You can take the advice of an expert to make a website or you can also make it yourself with the help of the internet.

Write an article on a website

After creating a website, first of all, you must make sure that what kind of articles you want to write. For example- There are many topics like News, Travel, Food, Sports, Education, Environment about which you can start writing, so start writing on the subject on which you have a stronghold.

Monetize Your Website

Keep writing articles on it for about 1 month after the website is created. Give traffic from 10k to 20k in 1 month on that website through Facebook sharing. This will make your website eligible for Facebook instant article ads. After this, you go to Facebook creator studio and apply for instant articles through your 1 month old page. The website monetized by Facebook is called Instant Article.

After the website is monetized by instant articles, ads will start coming on your articles which will be shown by Facebook, and for this Facebook will start paying you.

How much money can be earned from Facebook?

In such a situation, it is not easy to say that how much money can be earned from Facebook, because it completely depends on your work. Although if you are working hard then you can easily earn up to Rs 10,000-500000 from Facebook.

In this complete article, we learned how to earn money from Facebook, if you want to earn money like this, then start today and move towards your goal!

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