One of the most important questions in the minds of all UK citizenship applicants is when will their citizenship be granted.? We understand your situation and intent but everything heavily depends on whether you have made a complete application to the Home Office and while the Home Office scrutinizes your application, you must not have breached any UK immigration law and have met every eligibility requirements.

On the off chance that you have, if you recently applied for UK citizenship or again in case you have applied for your dependents on the application for yourself, there is an incredible arrangement that should be possible to decrease the potential for any deferral and to guarantee a convenient and positive result.

Let us see how.

Standard application processing time

If you have applied for UK citizenship through the process of Naturalisation UK, then your application could likely take 6 weeks of time to be processed easily. Notwithstanding, obviously, that the current continuous COVID-19 pandemic has dialed back the cycle to a great deal of degrees. There are postpones you could expect in your citizenship application handling.

Suppose, if you have applied for UK citizenship in June, about 3 months ago, and have yet not received any update on your application, it is only due to the COVID effect, and it may further get delayed, so there is no need to worry here.

Often we have seen applicants worrying thinking that their application would have been rejected by now. But that’s not always the case. So there is no need to be impatient as the Home Office will give additional time to all for completing their biometrics(fingerprinting and photograph).

Expedite your UK citizenship application

Apart from the standard processing time for UK citizenship applications, there are no such services to expedite the process such as priority registration or super-priority registration. Those administrations can be utilized towards your settlement application just in case you are qualified and not intended for Naturalisation UK. You should rigorously follow the Home Office guidelines and keep on showing restraint till your choice on UK citizenship is out.

Ways to avoid delays

Yes, certainly you can avoid delays. But more than that, you must see what you can do towards the same. The first step would be to

Quite naturally, many labour under this constant thought to avoid delays in your application process and it is imperative that you do not fall in the rejection category.

The simplest steps you can take to avoid any delay is to pay the correct amount of fee for your UK citizenship application, choosing the right form AN for adults and MN1 for child application along with you.

You must also check if you have filled your form correctly or not. It is one of the most common pitfalls for rejection.

Additionally, you must ensure that you have completed the qualifying period, as in 3 years if you are married to a British citizen and 6 years with active ILR in the last 12 months of your continuous residence in the UK.

How can you make a successful application?

A good immigration and visa expert can guide you to achieve all your immigration goals. They can handhold you to represent your case. A Y & J Solicitors are renowned immigration Solicitors London with high expertise in UK visa and imigration. Their bespoke advisory services can help you secure a UK citizenship without any delays.