Undeniably, in a world where everyone is searching for a way to escape the monotony, innovation is pivotal for a business to be successful. Entrepreneurs are shifting from the usual business choices and exploring new opportunities that can prove to be lucrative. 

Escape rooms like breakout escape rooms have taken the country by storm with their unique concept. Unless you’re living under a rock, you would know that escape rooms as a concept involve locking a group of players inside a room with puzzles and clues. The game revolves around an exciting storyline that dictates why the players must escape the room within a given time limit.   

The latest technology in escape games has attracted gamers who otherwise are hard to take away from their screens. So, escape games not only manage to fascinate the old-school entertainment seekers with the classic puzzle-solving thrill but also the Gen-Z with its thrilling storyline and high-tech elements. 

Therefore, escape room companies are popping up like mushrooms, and each one is trying to be better than the other. So, in a world where everyone is so keen on novelty and enhancing the element of fun, it is only wise to consider this as a golden startup opportunity and hop on the bandwagon.  

Still, debating the decision? Here’s the answer: 

1) Market 

The target audience of an escape room can cater to everyone from children to grown-ups. Companies skillfully develop games around varied genres. So, that their facility can serve as a great entertainment option for kids and adults alike. 

From storylines revolving around classic fairytales to ones with a live-actor playing zombie, escape rooms hold power to lure everyone. 

2) Family Celebrations and Private Events 

People are always looking to celebrate their events and occasions most uniquely and memorably. Therefore, just by adding a party room to the facility, you will have the perfect concoction of an escape adventure and an after-party, all ready to attract groups of people.   

Birthdays, bachelor’s or bachelorette parties, date nights, and even family get-togethers are events that will always keep your escape company buzzing and business booming. 

3) Team-Building Exercises and Corporate Events 

Escape rooms encourage teams to work together, cooperate, and communicate. These are essential skills that corporate companies either test in their employees or make efforts to inculcate among them. Therefore, HRs are always on the run to organize unique team-building exercises, and escape rooms make a perfect choice.  

With an added investment of a projector and screen to take care of their presentation needs, you can even host corporate parties and events. 

Furthermore, escape rooms can be constantly evolved to keep up with the changing times. Just by adding new puzzles and incorporating new technology time-to-time to a previously-themed room, escape companies can cost-effectively endorse their games, all the while keeping the players hooked to a particular storyline. 

Escape rooms are gaining popularity, and this trend is here to stay. Therefore, any perceptive entrepreneur would know the rewarding benefits of milking a trend that is revolutionizing the entertainment sector.  

4) Bringing out New opportunities

With many escape room businesses going online, it has become difficult for an average customer to keep track of each and every website. One of the best ways to do so has been a directory.

Many directories exist online that function by aggregating all the information about one particular thing online and presenting it to the user. Hotels, flights, insurance are just some popular subjects where established online directories can be found.

Escape rooms too face a problem of too much information to filter. If a website can do so (An escape room directory), then customers would not have to go through a tedious process of filtering escape rooms/games.

5) Educational Initiatives

Who knew a fun activity could be utilized for educational purposes. Educational escape rooms are becoming more popular in traditional school systems. But educational escape rooms are not limited to just educational institutes. They can indeed be opened up anywhere by anyone. 

Educational escape rooms are a little bit different in their setup, and thus if you have a good idea about escape rooms and learning techniques, you could probably open an educational escape room.


With each new idea, there are at least ten more additional ideas to be followed up. The escape room is one such idea that has allowed a whole industry to be born. This industry is giving a lot of people joy, fun, and employment. 

Besides the above-mentioned 5 ways, there are going to be many other ways in the future that will lead to escape rooms opening new startup opportunities