You have a restaurant business and are looking for ways to get maximum traction. Read this blog to know what’s in store for you.

The customer is the king! But do you know customers, the king, can do the marketing for your restaurant business?

How, you ask?

The answer is simple – Embed Google Reviews on website. As a matter of fact, many businesses are actively opting to embed Google review widget on website. It has helped them to trust and have credibility in their respective niche. Therefore, for restaurant businesses dying in the dilemma of whether to use Google review widget on website, here’s an exclusive guide.

Growth with Google Reviews in 2022

Before we get into the meat of this guide, you must be aware of the potential of Google Reviews for your restaurant business. As a restaurant owner, you must be aware that people leave you to feedback not just based on food. Customers notice the ambience, customer service and a lot more factors.

Google Reviews helps you in ease of doing business. When you embed Google reviews on the website, it helps you highlight your business’s positive aspects in no time. However, when potential customers cannot pay a visit to your restaurant, they consider relying on online reviews, especially Google Reviews.

But do I need to fetch more reviews for my business?Yes, you do.

Let us explain. Suppose your potential customer is looking for a Chinese restaurant online. The search engine will show them the closest restaurant and the Chinese restaurant with the highest ratings. Those reviews appear on the first page because of the quality and quantity of reviews. So, as a restaurant business owner, you can easily show up to your potential customers without spending thousands of dollars on marketing.

Simple Ways To Get More Reviews For Your Restaurant

Fetching reviews for your business is the most aspirational part of marketing campaigns. We understand that, as a business owner, it can be challenging. Look at the list to get a list of simple ways to fetch more reviews for your restaurant.

1. Ask For A Feedback

Learning to ask for feedback for your business is a critical skill for long-term success. Once you provide services, you can go to your customer and ask them to leave feedback. Asking for feedback is less intimidating than asking for a review. Asking for feedback makes them feel that you care about their experience.

Apart from that, even if your customer is unhappy with the services, you can quickly compensate for it, and it will also give you the scope for improvement.

2. Use Email Marketing

No matter what business niche you belong to, we recommend having an email list. Having newsletter and email subscribers is a great way to get a hold of customers and even make them repeat customers.

But more importantly, it also helps you to fetch reviews for your business. You can ask your customers to fill out a feedback form at your restaurant. In this form, you can request them to mention their email address. Once you know your costumes have taken the services, you can ask them to leave a Google Review for your business.

Remember that you must put in the picture of upcoming marketing campaigns while collecting data from your customers, like email addresses and phone numbers. In any other scenario, it will be considered a data privacy breach.

3. Embed Google Review Widget On the Website

Have you ever considered showcasing the stellar reviews (you get) on a website?

No? It’s time, you should. But what would a Google Review widget do to my business?

Let us outline.

When you showcase the Google review widget on website, it helps you put together all the social proof of your business. Apart from that, it also helps you stand as an authentic restaurant in front of your potential customers. Other customers may also join the bandwagon and leave a review for your business. You can use any social media aggregator tool to embed Google reviews on the website. These tools also have a custom CTA feature. A call to action button will help you fetch more reviews.

4. Use Heart Touching Gestures

Food is the best way to bond with someone. Remember the days when mom used to add a note to your lunchbox? And you would eagerly to open the note and feel your mom’s love.

Similarly, as a restaurant owner, you can also add such notes for your customers. This note can be about how valuable the customer is. Or sometimes, you can also ask for feedback or Google Reviews through these notes. Remember that you don’t have to be direct about asking for feedback.

To Bring Things To A Close

Managing a restaurant business can be laborious. There are thousands of restaurants and eateries competing out there. The differentiation factors are your services and the marketing tactics you choose. Google reviews can also help you gain insight into the pain points of your customers. Hence, giving you a scope of improvement.

When you embed Google Reviews on website, you choose the most cost-effective strategy. It can help you stand out of the crowd. So, don’t wait anymore, embed Google reviews widget on website and see your restaurant filled with customers.