You need to pick up a call, but you can’t get to your iPhone. You may take the call on a nearby iPad or Mac using a function called iPhone Cellular Calls. It is a component of Apple’s Continuity system, which also includes Handoff and Universal Clipboard and is intended to sync and share specific features across iOS, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac. Here’s how to set up the function so you may begin placing and receiving calls without ever touching your phone.

System prerequisites

Your iPad must have iOS 8 or iPad, and your iPhone must be running iOS 8.1 or later and have a carrier activation. You need OS X Yosemite or later on your Mac. To use this function, your Mac mini or Mac Pro must also have an external microphone or headset.

The same Apple ID must be used to sign into iCloud and FaceTime on every device. Additionally, they need to be Wi-Fi enabled and linked to the same network by Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

Embrace Calls from Other Devices

Go to Settings > Phone > Calls on Other Devices on your iPhone to enable calls to be received on other devices. A switch adjacent to “Allow Calls on Other Devices” should be turned on. You can select the devices on which you wish to accept calls if you own more than one additional approved Apple device, such as an iPad or a Mac.

Open Settings > FaceTime on your iPad to answer calls from your tablet. To begin receiving calls to this device, turn on the option next to Calls From iPhone.

Open the FaceTime app on your computer to place calls on your Mac. Select Preferences from the FaceTime menu by clicking.

Accept a Call That Comes In

Now, your iPad and Mac will ring when you receive a call on your iPhone. On your iPad, tap the Accept button to answer the call and begin speaking. A little message alerting you to the call’s arrival appears on your Mac. On your computer, click the Accept option to answer the call.

Call People with Your iPad

If you want to call a specific contact on your iPad, open the Contacts app.Tap the desired number after choosing the contact. While you wait for the other person to answer, the calling screen appears. By using the FaceTime software on your iPad, you may manually call a number as well. Enter the phone number by tapping the addition (+) sign. To make the call, make sure the call type is set to audio and hit the audio button.

Call People with Your Mac

Open the Contacts app on your Mac to make a call to a contact. After choosing the contact, move your mouse pointer over the desired call-in number. To make the call, click the ensuing phone symbol.

Open the FaceTime app on your Mac, then input the number to manually dial it. Click the Audio button to place the call after making sure the call is set to audio.