If you want to buy a new T-shirt, it is better that you go through this story before selecting its size.

How many times has it happened that you have worn your favorite T-shirt over and over again and have not felt as comfortable as buying another T-shirt from the market? Most of us get confused about the size of the clothes. If you are buying a new t-shirt from a store then you can take a trial in the fitting room, but if you are street shopping or are in a hurry then this cannot be done. In such a situation, shopping online seems to be an even bigger problem.

It will be perfect if you choose the perfect t-shirt in one go. For this, you should know your size properly. But do you know what is your right T-shirt size?

Do you want to know its solution? If yes, then let us tell you about some small tips today, with the help of which you can choose the perfect size for yourself.

Step 1- First choose your type

First of all, you have to keep in mind that there are more than 15 types of T-shirts available to you for what kind of women. This includes the short neck, V-neck T-shirt, polo t-shirt, scoop neck, cowl neck, boat neck, saddle shoulder, off the shoulder, yoga, ringer, cape sleeve, tank, and much more. Your first decision should be what kind of T-shirt you want to choose.

Step 2- Measure your chest

The second most important way is to measure your chest. If you do it properly, then half of the size problem will be solved automatically. To find the bra size, we measure both below and above the breast, but for T-shirts, it is necessary that we measure the full part of the chest. Put the tape under your arms.

Most people raise their arms while taking the measurement, but in this case, the measurement of the breast area is not accurate. You need to put a measuring tape under the arms.

Step 3- Measure the T-shirt Length

The correct formula would be to place your T-shirt one inch above the vaginal area (if you want a short size) and one inch below the vaginal area (if you want a long size). You should measure your T-shirt accordingly. The margin of 1 inch is because many times the T-shirt becomes more up or down due to raising the hand or doing any other activity.

Step 4- Measure your Waistline

The correct measurement of the waistline is found only when you measure 2 inches above your belly button. This is normally the thinnest part of the body and this is called the West. You should not inflate your stomach while measuring it, but leave it normal.

Pressing the stomach too much will also be wrong and inflating too much will also not be right. If you want, instead of 2 inches, choose a size 1 inch above the belly button, so that you can keep your T-shirt free. In such a situation, a loose-fit T-shirt can be bought in the waist size so that if you are ever a victim of bloating, the T-shirt does not feel tight.

Step 5- Take note of the size chart

If you are thinking of buying a T-shirt, then first go through the size chart carefully. Actually, different brands have different sizes. You see the size by inch because in India this size is taken care of.

You will find some idea of what the normal t-shirt sizes are in the chart below.

You measure all your chest, breast, vest, sleeves, etc., and decide your size accordingly. Sometimes people of medium and small size are more confused about their size.

Keep a few things in mind-

  • Always choose a stretchable fabric when buying a T-shirt.
  • If your breasts are too big, then you should take a T-shirt one inch bigger than your chest area. Will be more comfortable.
  • Wear a full coverage bra with a T-shirt that you find comfortable.
  • If you are looking at the cost online while buying a T-shirt, then keep in mind that you must check the size chart of the brand.
  • When buying a T-shirt, keep your comfort in mind. If you like a particular type of T-shirt, then choose that one.

All these tips can help you choose the perfect T-shirt. Keep one thing in mind that if you wear too loose or too tight a T-shirt, then both of them will not give a smart look. Even if you are choosing a loose-fit T-shirt, try to get it one size bigger.