Nowadays people search a lot on the internet for how to earn money online. On google, they get online teaching suggestions but the detailed procedure is not available. That’s why today we have brought this post for you, in which you will get all the answers related to how to earn money from online teaching, BYJU’S Teacher Recruitment 2021-2022, BYJU’S Teacher Job Salary.

Work from home is a good source of earning money in today’s time. Since all the schools are closed nowadays, children have no option but to study online. You can turn this disaster into an opportunity. In this post, we will tell you that how to earn money from online teaching.

Today there are many online teaching platforms like BYJU’S, UnAcademy, Vedantu, etc. which provide online education to children. You can also become an online teacher by joining these platforms and earning good money. In this post, we will give detailed information about all the online teaching platforms, so read this post carefully till the end.

BYJU’S teacher recruitment 2021-2022

How to become a teacher in BYJU’S

Today BYJU’S has become the number one app in the world of online teaching. You can also do teaching work by joining BYJU’S.

The requirement for joining BYJU’S is as follows-

1. Graduation from any stream

2. Teaching experience of 2 to 5 years

3. Have taught science and maths from 6th to 10th class

4. Takes Teaching as a Passion

5. Likes to learn new things

6. Have a Creative Mindset

7. Have good English communication

If you have all these qualities then you can apply for a teacher in BYJU’S. Keep in mind that after joining BYJU’S your posting can be in any part of India.

BYJU’S teacher job salary

The teacher of BYJU’S gets an annual salary of Rs 1,15,000 to Rs 9,00,000. The point to note is that the better your teaching skills, the better will be your salary.

BYJU’S teachers apply online 2021-2022

How to apply for BYJU’S teacher

Enter your mobile number in the given box and click on Send OTP button.

After this, your mobile number will receive an OTP.

Enter OTP in the given box and click on Apply Now.

After that fill the form that appears on the next screen and click on submit button.

If you are selected then you will get a call or message through BYJU’S.

Apply for BYJU’S Careers and Job.

unAcademy Teacher Job

unAcademy is also an emerging online teaching platform. Earlier unAcademy used to prepare for UPSC and IIT only but now online classes of unAcademy are available for all the students. If you want to do teaching by joining unAcademy then follow these steps –

unAcademy teacher apply online 2021-2022

How to apply for an unAcademy teacher

To become a teacher in unAcademy you have to send a mail to

In the subject column of Mail, write ‘Application for unAcademy Educator

You have to write these things in the message box of the e-mail

Details of the educator-name, age, educational background, teaching experience, your motivation to join unAcademy, contact number, and email ID.

Details of the collection – Enter any of your teaching material-related information in the details of the collection.

Attachment –   (content) In this you include a handwritten note, PPT, etc. related to the lesson.

Attachment –   (Audio) In this you include the sound/voice related to your lesson. Keep in mind that the voice should be clear, loud, clear, and engaging. The art of teaching should also be easy.

If you have all these qualities then you can apply to become a teacher of unAcademy. After about 1 week after mail, you will get back mail from unAcademy in which your selection or rejection will be told. If you are selected then you will also be provided an online class soon.

To apply to unAcademy, click here to download the PDF file. In this, all the information related to unAcademy teacher applies online 2021 has been given.

unAcademy teacher salary per month (What is the salary of unAcademy teacher?)

The teacher of unAcademy initially gets a monthly salary of Rs 8,000 to 20,000. Later on, this salary can also increase up to Rs 10,00,000 per annum.

Apply for Unacademy Careers and Job.

Vedantu vacancy 2021-2022

How to become an online teacher in Vedantu)

To become a teacher in Vedantu, you have to apply online. The process from applying online to becoming a Vedantu teacher

Apply for Vedantu Careers and Job.

After filling in personal and educational details click on submit.

After submitting the form, the teachers/experts of Vedantu will check your biodata.

If you meet the eligibility criteria of Vedantu then you will be asked for the next round of testing.

In the next stage, you will have to give an online class in front of the teachers/experts of Vedantu on the topic of your choice in which you will be judged.

If the experts of Vedantu like your way of teaching then you will be declared successful.

After this, your profile will be created as your Vedantu teacher.

You will be given training through webinars

After this, you have to take Vedantu online class

After this, you will be provided a link to take Vedantu online class.

Make YouTube Teaching Channel Online Teaching

If you have the skill and ability to teach, and you do not want to work with anyone, then you can go to how to earn money from online teaching by creating a YouTube teaching channel.

  • For this first, you have to create a YouTube channel
  • After creating a YouTube channel, put videos on it regularly.
  • If children like your studies, then children will start joining you.
  • Increasing Subscribers will make your online teaching community bigger.
  • After this, you can monetize your YouTube channel and earn from YouTube.

Through YouTube, you can create playlists of different topics for your students. The biggest feature of YouTube is that you will not always have to give live classes. Once the video you upload, children can watch that video anytime and your earnings will continue to be earned accordingly.